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  1. Hi guys! I get asked all of the time if the process to make almond milk is the same as cashew milk (my personal favorite). And there is a slight difference. So today I wanted to show you how to make almond milk at home! If this is your nut milk of choice, now you won’t have to buy it from the store again. Happy Sunday! xo – Lisa

  2. My first recipe in my new Vitamix! I watched your video and the second time went so much easier. I love the inside-out bag trick. WOW!! There is no comparison to store-bought. I am a long-time fan, and your meal prep tips are vital to my meal planning. I will be making hummus and beet hummus soon. Obviously, I will be able to make all of your Vitamix recipes.

  3. Meanwhile 1 litre of almond milk takes about 5900 litres of water to make… Hows that for “good for the environment”??

  4. Loved the guide, for how long can we store this ? Or do we have to make and consume same day ?

  5. Very Simple & Easy! Me and my family are tired of eating and drinking GMO !!! I have been making my own seasoning, so doing this is prefect for me!!!

  6. Thank you very much. I’m definitely looking forward to making this. I had no idea it was so simple.

  7. Thank you.
    I just found out today my 2 y-o tree is producing. I look forward to making my own milk

  8. Can almond milk taken raw like shown in video? How many days can keep in refrigerator? Tq

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  10. There is no such thing as almond “milk”. Milk…is milk. Boycott all almonds!! Almonds take 300% more WATER to grow than any fruit or vegetable!! California is suffering from water shortage due partly because of the ALMOND INDUSTRY! Do your research. Google this important information. If you’re environmentally active, you should WAKE UP! Get WOKE! About almonds.

  11. You dont take of the peel? I used your recipe and didt peel them and my milk got spoiled within a day. Then my mom asked me “did you peel them?”. Everyone reading this. Make sure you peel them first….

  12. it is so satisfying to see. i I can’t take regular milk. I need another nut milk which is prescribed to me in diet by planet ayurveda. Nutritional diet free as a part of treatment.

  13. Hi everyone….I have a question regarding the almonds after they are peeled if I may. I would like to know if the almonds must be DRIED before begining the process or they can be wet or soaked?
    Thank you!

  14. Ordered everything via links, but you forgot to add a link for the weck juice jar lids! Found the link on your website and ordered! I got the jars today and when I saw the kids it came with I was like wuuuut! 😂 Thanks for helping a busy single father learn how to make awesome clean things like this.

  15. I decided to make my own almond milk when i saw the store bought almond milk ingredient is like 13% almond per litre at $17 (i can get 1kg of raw almond at $30)

  16. Thank you for making this my market has raw almonds. I’m thinking of making at home almond milk with my mom, or dad. I actually like having my milk with oatmeal.

  17. You can buy the same bag at Lowes in the paint department for half the price. I don’t know where you bought organic honey as bee go up to 3 miles for their nectar. I can’t be 100 % organic. I know because I am a bee keeper in N. Florida! Just saying💋😘

  18. After mixing it for one minute content became warm… I had a warm glass of milk, is it suppose to warm up that much or should I consider looking at the blender 🤔
    Thank you

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