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  1. Don’t know if you’ve had this question yet or before, but is there something else I can use instead of dates? They make me vomit about 30 mins after eating them (found out by eating a Lara bar; then I tested again by eating a pitted date itself; same result).

  2. first batch out of the oven today…can tell they will be regular face-stuffers…thanks for this and all the efforts you extend to deliver quality information on food and diet. Really appreciate it!

    1. I just made them with quick oats and they came out just fine. My first time so I can’t compare them to old fashioned oats.

  3. Yeah – so vegan measured by bananas, flax egg, dates, oats, food process, bake really long – don’t worry they are not going to change at all while baking. So funny – so perfect and they are really good too. Thanks.

  4. LOL, for a minute I was afraid that we were goin’ to change the name to oat balls. Whew ! Love the recipe btw.

  5. Since I add a small amount of chocolate chips to this, I lower the calorie density by adding finely grated carrot and it is YUMMY!! Totally part of my weekly bulk prep! Thanks!!

  6. I add matcha and cacao instead of cocoa. Healthier. If you add more dates you don’t have to cook. Good for raw vegans.

  7. These are a staple in our home. I imagine these being the perfect travel food. I can’t wait until we need travel food again!!

  8. This is the second time i made oat clusters, i like to add roughly chopped almonds , they give an extra crunch, and to the finished dough i add little pieces of dried raspberries as they give a little bit of tardness, if that makes sense…… thank you for your recipies, i’ll have to try more in the future πŸ™‚πŸ‘

  9. Hey Dillon.. These sound absolutely awesome! But I happen to have medjool dates at home instead of deglet. How many medjool would I use per banana in place if the deglet??? Thanks!

    1. These are wonderful Dillon!!! I especially like them right out of the freezer! Next on my list to try is your Meatloaf Bites. I love vegan meatloaf but don’t like the gooey middle that tends to happen. Am so excited about getting crunch in every bite!!! Thank you so much for this channel and your hard work to give us these great simple, easy, quick recipes that taste good!

  10. Hi, thanks from the UK for this videoπŸ‘πŸΌ does anyone know how long u can keep them for and do they need to be store in the fridge?πŸ‘€ Or do u put all of them in the freezer and then just take out what u want on a daily basis?? I know this has been asked but not sure if anyone has been able to answer πŸ™ˆπŸ˜¬πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜‰

  11. Guys, I just made a batch of these and they are so amazing. Exactly what I hoped and expected they would be. Thank you so much for this recipe. Can’t wait to make them for my friends and family. I will be hoarding this first batch for myself!

  12. Cant get enough of these, tks sooo much Dillan πŸ‘πŸŽ‰. I add 1 – 2 Tblsp ground ginger, ooooh yum! Like you, next time i will make a big batch. Walnuts work the best πŸ‘

  13. Sandra Westley from the UK I have tried these oat cluster and they were not very nice, so don’t waste all your oats etc perhaps they are not good because of SOS free, just taste gummy. Very disappointed, I suppose it depends what your used to I am not used to sugar in things, but it needed something and the bananas took over the taste of everything, not a fan of bananas. Very sad as I like his presentation and humour, but it’s just a waste of good food if you just throw it away.

  14. I’m gonna make these instead of doing Oreos. What are the stats for these IE carbs, sugar, protein etc?

  15. I love this recipe because it’s the next level to the banana oatmeal cookies I used to make for my daughter. It was literally just mashed banana and oatmeal mixed well, shaped into cookies and baked like any other cookie. She just loved them.

  16. Tried it. Good recipe, but 1 banana is too much for 1 cup of oats. Bananas vary in size, so I’d do weight or cups instead of whole bananas. For mine, I baked it as a sheet, then I melted chocolate chunks with peanut butter in a double boiler and spread that between 2 layers of the oat bars for a healthy dessert.

  17. I make same recipe but add scoop of vanilla vegan protein powder and turmeric and it is fantastic. Thank you for sharing πŸ˜€

  18. why do u guys say cups for everything, and every ingredient has like different cup measure x) isnt it easier to say pounds or grams?

  19. Great recipe…and there is nothing in this recipe that requires it to be cooked. So I just store it in the fridge. One batch lasts me 4 days…Thanks~ Im thinking I will try rolling the next batch in a mix of cacao and coconut sugar

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