6 thoughts on “Basic Zumba Steps for Beginners | Part1 | Quick Weight Loss | Easy Workout at Home | Step Up Fitness

  1. My weight is 50 and I want to loose 10 kg and i am a 13 year old girl how time will it take to loose 10 kg on everyday basis can you please tell

    1. @Yashdeep Malhotra, Step-Up and Dance Academy okkk
      Thankyou so much please can you tell the diet plan for me plsssss

    2. hey, just letting you know 110lbs is perfectly normal for someone your age. don’t go so hard on yourself to lose that weight especially since you’re still growing. You could focus on just eating healthy and making proper life choices instead of losing weight at a young age. You could use this video as something to keep you active rather than to lose weight. hopefully that helped a little, have a great day! 🙂

    3. Eat healthy. Avoid outside food. That’s the only thing which you need to do right now

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