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  1. I wonder if the colour paste is vegan? Sometimes red food colouring has crushed cochineal bugs

  2. I’m curious , could a gluten free flour blend be used in place of the regular flour ? You have a gluten free version and a vegan version. I’m just wondering how to combine the two.

  3. Tried the recipe but the cupcakes didn’t bake and remained liquid-ish even after keeping for a while longer.

  4. It would be really really great if you could provide the measurement in American cups:)

  5. I just tried these and they turned out great! In case some else is wondering too: I didn’t have cider vinegar or bicarbonate soda so I just left them out and put a bit more baking powder. I also did only half a batch of the vegan buttercream and added 80g melted chocolate (instead of lemon juice). It was more than enough :D. Would love to see more vegan recipes!

  6. I’m making this cake for someone but they are allergic to soya what other non dairy milk would you use?

    1. I use a fan, and they turn out ok. But if it’s a cake, I tend to check regularly. Not sure about my oven!

  7. Hi Jemma, absolutely love this recipe, would like to try these but could I make these with gluten free flour without changing other ingredients? ☺

  8. If I bake these cupcakes in a mini cupcake pan, do I need to adjust the temperature or the time a little bit?

  9. Hi can someone help me out please! I ordered the sugarflair spectral paste concentrate colouring in Velvet Red- I thought it said it was vegan but it only said vegetarians. I’ve read elsewhere that it is but I’m not 100% sure 🙁

  10. You know eggs are not as beneficial for you and you know you should not be eating them. Anyways… substitute eggs with apple sauce because you seriously do not know what you are even doing. P.S… my girlfriend told me to write this comment (word-by-word).

  11. I have made these for Christmas parties, gatherings and for my family and everybody absolutely adored these, they dissapeared from the plates instantly and nobody thought they were vegan. I have some more in the oven right now, 11/10 recipe

  12. It looks delicious, and I would love to try this. However, I do disagree with you: to me a real red velvet cake has a distict chocolate flavour; it’s not a vanilla cake with a hint of chocolate. That’s why I hardly ever buy it: usually people just put colouring in plain cake batter. Nothing special and just very disappointing to me,

  13. Just made these! I used normal milk, normal butter and OMG Jemma these are so moist and delicious and the “fake” cream cheese icing…you can’t even taste the difference! Will be baking these these very soon

  14. Here’s a tip if you want similar decoration as the grated red on top: smash some dry raspberries or strawberries (I buy it from the regular supermarket) and sprinkle on top. It’s natural and the color is amazing, plus it gives great balance to the sweet taste of most icings. At our bakery we use it for almost every decoration from pavlovas to wedding cakes 🙂

  15. I’m having a hard time converting grams to cups on the measurements of this recipe someone please help me!!!!…. I want to make these for my brothers birthday next week.

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