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  1. If you are counting protein as part of your calories are you not using protein as energy and then leaving none for building????

    1. Hey ii, thanks for writing in and great question! It’s almost one-in-the-same as it takes calories to build and support your muscle building. So the protein you’re eating can be broken down into amino acids, which can aid in muscle recovery. So it’s not as if you can solely use other macros for energy saving all protein for building, rather they all work together for energy AND building. Plus, in order to promote growth, you will need a surplus on top of your daily baseline as that is what drives growth overall.
      -The FFP Team

  2. Also I have never seen a vegan bodybuilder who does not take protein powder….plenty of omnivore bodybuilders don’t..? I am not saying vegans can’t build muscle but I wish there were some who don’t take powders…am I wrong ?

    1. Hi my friend! There are vegan formulated protein powders in the market 馃挭

  3. I used the TDEE excel page to calculate calories, I also calculated that I need 112g Protein (448 calories) based on my weight … how do I determine how many carbs/fat I should be consuming for the rest of the calories? Is there a certain percentage of calories that should come from fat/carbs ? (for example 50%carb 25%fat?)

    1. Hey Bonnie, thanks for writing in and great question. For muscle building macros, especially on a vegan plan, we recommend a 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fat split. If looking to lose weight, a more balanced 35% carbs, 30% protein, 35% fat would be the most sustainable recommendation.
      -The FFP Team

  4. This was a super awesome video- I鈥檝e been vegetarian for a little over 2 years and I wish I knew this a long time ago!

  5. I am worried about the essential amino acids, I think its important that people know about them! Because vegans have to combine foods in specific ratios.

  6. This is bloody amazing. Your fitness knowledge is immense and your willingness to share it for free furthers the immenseness. Thank you. Note – it would have been nice if you talked about body recomposition. I am currently doing that and it’s working brilliantly on a 120g protein every day for a 70kg male.

    1. Hi my friend, thank you so much, check the videos in our channel. In our program we specify body recomposition and protein intake to achieve specific goals 馃憤

  7. This video is very helpful, I do appreciate it. But jeez, as a new vegan (5months) and new to the gym (1 month) this is very overwhelming! It’s so much information and I’m lost.

    1. Awesome my friend! It will take time to take all the info in, but you are on the right path 馃檹

    2. @Fit Father Project – Fitness For Busy Fathers thank you for responding and for the encouragement! I’m an eager beaver and need to remember to chill and take it one day at a time! I have a short-term goal (beach vacay in 3months) and was hoping to see a bit of “gains” lol.

    1. Awesome! You’re very welcome Emmee! I鈥檓 very glad this was helpful for you 馃檹馃徏

  8. 2.7g per Kg? your kidneys will scream “STOOOPPPP” at you man…
    1 or ~1.2g/Kg and you are moreeeeeeeee than covered (unless you are an athlete)

  9. The most awesome plant food for protein is BLACK GRAM. What the Asians call URAD DAL. It has 25.4 grams of protein per 100 grams. It is also the KING of blood flow. So will improve you sex life. And getting blood into the muscles when you train. It helped me pack on alot of muscle as a vegan.

    1. It’s supposed to be 0.8 to 1 gram protein per pound of lean body mass, not total weight, so your requitlrement is gonna be a bit lower than what he suggests. It’s a really common misconception though, you see it everywhere! Your body fat doesn’t need any protein 馃榿

  10. Thank you for this video. I am a newly transitioned vegan, after studying the science behind veganism / omnivorism. I learned about anti-nutrients and stopped eating beans and grains because I was worried about them. Thanks for introducing me to Eden Organic, this will help me greatly with reintroducing beans that have already had those anti-nutrients mostly deactivated / removed.

  11. This is the perfect video I鈥檝e been looking for, thank you so much! Literally spoke the truth about the vegan diet and what was needed!

  12. I know this stuff – just wanted to applaud how good your info is! Excellent! We need a lot more videos to help 50, 60 and even 70 + “beginners”…so they can get busy increase the quality of their avoid injuries! Many elderly decide to “stop” at 60 or 65 or 70! The worst time to “become sedentary!” My parents did that and it really made their 90’s unpleasant. Mom passed at 95 in July and my Dad is now 97. In the 1950’s he exercised with Jack Lalane and Steve Reeves (Hercules) at a gym in Oakland. Then he and my Mom quit their daily walking (5 miles) at 60+
    Huge mistake that I shouldn’t have allowed!
    Many thanks!

    1. Awesome my friend! Thanks for sharing yours and your family journey! Keeping active makes a huge difference 馃檹

  13. this. video. is. truly. amazing!! I am mostly vegan and have been really worried that I’m not doing it right, but I think I’m not doing too bad diet wise. the only issue is I struggle so much to get quality sleep. just started on Ambien (day 5) and I’ve had the best sleep i’ve had in YEARS, so let’s hope I can use this while developing a healthier sleep routine overall.

  14. I feel nausea with animal protein but I want to build my muscle too. Thanks for this insight!

  15. Do you think that you can have a physical job and go to the gym, too? I work as a full-time farmerso I’m always on my feet, with occasional heavy lifts. Do i need the gym for maintaining my overall wellbeing? I feel good after working out but I’m finding it difficult to recover, esp cus my work is quite stressful!

    1. Hi my friend, if you have a physical job is not need to do extra gym work 馃憤

  16. Thank you so very much for Vegan Body building video! I shared with my Vegan friends & enthusiasts!

  17. My question is which one grows more muscle… a vegan diet or a meat diet and im a carnivore by the way. But i wanna try the vegan diet I’m interested. Cause i feel like the meat diet is killing me.

  18. One thing that has baffled my mind for so long is when people ask where you’ll get your protein if you’re not eating meat. But what they don’t realize is that all the animals we eat for protein eats PLANTS. If they’re body is a source of protein because of what they eat then why don’t people think to eat what we feed the animals? If we ate the foods with the amino acids that the cows use to create protein then our body produces the protein itself with all the nutrients that were burned off by the animals digestive system. Great video!

    1. Thank you my friend! I鈥檓 very glad this was helpful for you 馃檹馃徏

  19. It’s incredible how a lot of people associate protein with animal products… It’s not about the meat, it’s about the protein… I’m here because I was curious about supplements mostly… So thank you for actually mentioning creatine because I was wondering if it was actually something I should continue taking… I see gym rats and bodybuilders everywhere taking a lot of stuff that I don’t deem as necessary somehow and I have a very sensitive body overall… I don’t drink coffee and do not take anything with caffeine in it. I basically just take creatine, protein powder, collagen and a multivitamin and I already think it’s a lot… Thank you for this video again. Very informative.

    1. You’re very welcome! I鈥檓 very glad this was helpful for you 馃檹馃徏

  20. Great info but probably should have left out the parts about whole eggs, grass-fed beef, and whey protein. This was supposed to be a vegan video.

  21. Great video. But how can you recommend eggs when they鈥檙e so unhealthy that it鈥檚 illegal for the egg industry to advertise eggs as 鈥渉ealthy鈥?

  22. Such an informative, quality video. You really did go over all bases. And some reminders here that were definitely needed 馃檪 Thank you so much. I wish you success, health and happiness 馃槂馃槂馃憢

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