51 thoughts on “Indian Vegan Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Which Plant Protein I am using ? | Veganism in Hindi

  1. Manju I m having pcos but under control. I m tracking my daily diet thru healthyfyme and after tracking I got to know that I m unable to complete my protein requirement. So I m thinking to try oziva. Which one shld I take plant and herb or plant protein. I have gone thru reviews of customers on Amazon and I find plant and herb is good for pcos one.

  2. Ma,am I m taking Herbalife but thinking to take oziva protein will it help in weight loss?… Comparative ly I heard oziva is safe…Plz tell?

  3. I am Samiksha, Maine Galti se oziva men order kiya muze women ka krna tha so kya main ishe le sakti hu ya muze return krna chahiye

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  8. Which one oziva protein should taken this one which u shown in video or protein n Harbs konsa wala lu plzzz explain ma’am

  9. My mother is a diabetic patient. She has uric acid prcoblem, hyperthyroidism. Will this protein powder be good for her??

  10. So yeah weight loss ke liye hai mujhe bas jina hai. Bas jine ke liye koi video bana sakte hai?? Weight loss mai dekh lunga

  11. Which organic method?not all organic methods are healthy..i wish it is not vermicompost based organic method..

  12. Mam mei 14 saal ki hu mei kya ye protein powder le sakti hu mam plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply ❤️❤️

  13. Hy guy can you please start making 1weekend vegan and gluten free diets plan for vegan beginners 🙏🏻 for maintaining body and pcod

  14. Hello mam please give review of Vegan bit plant based protein available at amazon I personally use its effective but need your review.

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