52 thoughts on “Tasty Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes (Healthy + Easy!)

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! &I can’t remember which video it was of yours that I saw your light alarm clock, but I wondered where you got it/if you’d recommend a specific one!

  2. Where have you been? I have a lot going on inside right now like liver/kidney disease, arthritis, high cholesterol so I can use these substitutions!❤ Ummm can you also bottle up some of that energy? Catering should be in your future

  3. Omg thank you for the pep talk. And the recipes. But truly the pep talk is always needed this time of the year. : )

  4. Any idea if it would still cook fine if I wrapped the lentil loaf mix in pastry (to make a Wellington) and cooked it like that instead of in a tin?

  5. I made the lentil loaf and I really liked it that I made it again as a meal prep but instead of a loaf I just served it as a lentil mixture. I love the mixture of mushroom ans tamari with lentils.

  6. My family: I don’t believe in vegan food, I’d never eat it

    They start eating salsa

    Me: That salsa doesn’t have animal products in it, that makes it vegan

    My family: That’s blasphemy

  7. I know you use Thrive and other online marketplaces but I would like to know your top vegan products (or have you done a video like that?) because I want to find say a good tahini and I tried Kroger’s specialty brand and 😝 so I need to start looking again. Now and again I’d like you to go over baking and cooking products you use and tell you YouTube family about them. #justasuggestion I| I so enjoy watching your videos and you inspire me to do better every day. Happy Fall to you and your BF. 🍁🍽

  8. Thanks so much! I have not ventured into making a lentil loaf yet but I will now!!! Thanks for the special techniques!!!!!!!

  9. OMG CAITLIN your recipe says one TEASPOON of baking powder and soda but you said on here a tablespoon?? which one is it?

  10. Omgosh–this vid is a year old but I’m currently looking up recipes for Thanksgiving since I don’t want turkey at all.

  11. You are so pretty and artiulet, vegans have an aura around them that shines brightly and positive. some people are very jealous of that mostly, meat eaters.
    Animals can see a vegans aura and persona witch makes them less afraid. Keep up the good work. Aloha from the big Island.
    Jay, Rosemary , and Jade..

  12. 4:57 I’ve never heard that pronunciation of “gala apple” before lmao Great video, btw! The veggie casserole looks delicious!! 😀

  13. Hey I just made the lentil loaf and it’s really good. Great flavors. I wanted to try it before I bring it to Thanksgiving dinner so I had a main that was not turkey. I squeezed the shredded carrots in a paper towel and got so much liquid out before cooking. Looking forward to eating a few slices and seeing how it freezes. Thanks!

  14. That lipstick was a great idea. Looks amazing on you. Thank you so much for sharing these recipes. I’m trying to not work too hard this year and all of these things look so delicious. 💜

  15. Love the video and the recipes! A video editing tip: put your recorded voice audio through a high-pass filter! Listening to your video through our surround sound with a subwooder, there was a VERY loud low humming noise on your voiceovers.

  16. …”I’ve been using tahini for the past 3 years, since before tahini was popular” lol. I believe tahini was INTRODUCED to the US in the 1940’s!!

  17. Thank you. Lovey sporting that red. It is truly slim pickin’s for me to be healthy & festive with controversial foods with H. Cyanide, lectins, oxilates, gmo, hybrid, Monsanto rubbish, “natural flavors”, where does the list end? It used to be so simple just to eat; then gather in season, prepared; then it became eat & think about what am I eating, now it has become guilt, uncertain, down right how not to go there. People from generations before us show with their patterns of eating & choices where that got them. Dreaming of luscious, wonderful, delicious, healthy foods, freedom to live with the God given rights that are being threatened very rapidly in current times. Now flax & the h. cyanide, 1970’s, this has been known. Your thinking?

  18. Great Video, all the Food look, Delicious, thank you for sharing, you look absolutely, Beautiful, I love your Lipstick, have a Wonderful, Thankful Day, love, Diana Lipski 💕

  19. Looks delicious. It’s kind of labor intense but my health is ruined because I just want fast food. Not just bad food but any thing fast. So I am slowing down. I will try one recipe at a time. That looks lik a real Thanksgiving dinner.

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