1. The can beans and the tub of salsa has preservatives which hinders the growth you can potentially get…instead make it fresh at the house.

  2. I really appreciate you adding the ingredients on the video, it helps a lot because I watch my videos on the tv. Thanks 😊

  3. Thanks for the video!

    If you want to maximise the amount of nutrients, buy organic and don’t touch anything processed/packaged.
    Go straight to the source.

    The downside is money, I will admit.

  4. Looks really good. My struggles are finding food recipes I like. Every day is a struggle. Was transition like so hard u gave up a lot? I love the first Recipe going to try it. I’ve never had that grain before. Been working on this transitions for like a year now.

  5. My first day meal prepping was yesterday while I was blending the stuff for the potatoe chowder thing the bottom of the blender fell out and so it took me even more time to clean that and make something else I’m currently working on the first meal shown in this video my experience hasn’t gone so well but I’ve learned alot

  6. Thanks for these! Small tip for everyone, in case you want to be a bit more time and energy efficient: get your potatoes cooking from cold water (i.e., add your potatoes to a pot of cold water rather than boiling water). Potatoes cook from the outside in, so cooking them from a cold water state saves you time, is more energy efficient and also allows the potatoes to cook more evenly.

  7. great and easy recipes! just started training and plus work my cooking time is limited. making these bad boys asap!

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  10. Avocado Hack #2: Get bigger spoon and you can scoop out the whole avocado in just one swoop. And for guacamole, just cut it across as well to get cubes.

  11. Did the brocoli and garbanzo beans make you go to the bathroom a lot dude? I’m think of making that recipe my everyday meal

  12. Interesting ik thinking of going vegan and once a month have a purge day of eat whatever I want

  13. So eating one portion of each dish would be about 1600 calories in total, with only 70 grams of protein… how is this “high protein”? the meal with the most protein only has 4,7 grams for each 100 calories… that’t not high protein

  14. I’m fairly new to this vegan stuff , do you think switching the tempeh for seitan would change anything about the meal like taste wise or would it still work just as fine?

  15. “High protein” -> not even 20g for one meal. Yikes. Packaged and canned vegetables as well…… bigger yikes

  16. A real avocado hack, because how don’t you know how to cut them: Cut them fresh day of, or squeeze lime on them, or they’ll turn brown and gross

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  20. I’m just confused with everything only totalling out to 70 grams of protein. I wouldn’t say this is high protein but nevertheless high carb meals!

  21. u are a liar! That is NOT Tupperware..
    Thanks for the vid! cool stuff!
    if u do another of this videos can u do something without beans? everything here is always beans..
    And btw, the “stuff” Tofu and tempeh is made of is called.. wait for it.. Soy-beans..
    love to see more of ur content!

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