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  1. Did you see what happened at 0:44? Sooo here’s the thing: I like to take strategic bites of my oatmeal, getting a bit of each topping onto the spoon, but sir Robin just mixes everything together from the get-go. Whaaa!? I think he’s a bit crazy… but maybe I’m the one that’s crazy? Which camp are you in? Strategic bites, or the mix-and-swirl?

    1. Yummmmy, straight into my Youtube Vegan Files, Thank you! Not into too much sweet stuff but always good for bringing smiles to children’s faces, are pancakes.

  2. Have tried many vegan recipes for pancakes and these are soooo delicious! We‘re not completely vegan but we‘d prefer these any time. Thank you for your inspiration, makes it easy to reduce animal products when you know how 😊

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  4. Sister, I love lentils and when I was in India, my stomach was often upset so I could only eat plain food. I stayed in a budget hotel in Rishikesh where the people at the reception cooked the best dhal I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. It was very plain with just some onions and I believe, there was fresh coriander in it as well, it was the perfect medicine for my stomach!
    Please show us your recipes for the traditional dhal!
    My second favourite Indian food is naan, preferably cooked in a tandoori oven. However, ever since I turned vegan in 2011 or 2012, I stopped eating naan in India because I know that curd is one of the ingredients!
    I love you, thank you for being here.

  5. Well, healthy up to a point. Certain complications of common disease can make a vegan lifestyle a negative factor in recovery. There is more to health than diet.

  6. Curry is also my go-to meal! I can’t wait to try this new one… definitely seems nourishing and hearty. ☺️

  7. What is the plant based veggie u shredded for ur husband’s recipe….is it jackfruit??

  8. If you’re reading this comment, make the cauliflower lentil curry. You will NOT be disappointed !! 10/10

  9. Such delicious healthy recipes
    Thank you so much
    Loved all❤️
    You make it look easy but for us…. Mmmmm
    Will try definitely
    My go to’s are anything with egg or potato or any lentil’s( sizzling hot spicy dal’s are so comforting and yummy)

  10. With your perfect Nutrition I D N to worry about The O’Hearn Fallacy. Varnio’s idiotz like Krishna not a Pristine Pence Machine.

  11. Need Help! Super Vegan Xtreem Diet NoSoy NoFlour NoYeast! NoHeavyProtien! Im a GranolaHedd& Dont Know What to Do🤣

  12. I’m someone who loves to spend time preparing food and I still don’t understand how you’d be able to make time to do ALL THIS as often as you say you are. I’m not sure if you’re purely a content creator and that means you just have more time than someone with a 9 to 5 job or if I’m just missing a few hours in my day somehow?

  13. lol i just realised being vegan can be quite costly at meals~ because compare to this, eating unhealthy stuff is fast, cheap, a lot less effort. Thanks for making this looks easy, you are very inspiring

  14. I can not even explain how much I love the comfy vibes I feel whenever I watch any of your videos🥰🥰

  15. vegan and healthy, on which planet does oil and syrup mean healthy, you can look at any scientific evidence suggesting sugar and oil only clog arteries and promote the addiction dopamine cycle (Syrup)

  16. This looks okay would have to try it, from someone who will watch this and then head to McDonalds for a Big Mac and fries right after, uhhh 🙄

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