50 thoughts on “4 Healthy Vegan Recipes For Weight Loss

  1. Wow sarap naman yan Sana all marunog mag luto tulad mopabisita Ng BAHAY ko …. BUHAY OFW ROMEO….

  2. I tried all the recipes here. I liked all of them except the spaghetti. Felt like it needed more flavor. But the others were great! I enjoyed making and eating them!

  3. Amazing…..my journey towards being Vegan…, lets hope i am successful. It is all about availability. For Paradise i am a Vegan😊❤✌🕊💪💪💪😜

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  7. Can I serve this to my 10 years old son because He just want to eat vegetables, fruits, seafoods and breast chicken?

  8. Thanks a lot for this awesome recipes. I already subscribed and looking forward for more vegetable recipes😉

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  10. The lentil recipe is soooo good. I’m about to make it for dinner right now! Definitely recommend, so flavourful and yummy. I like to add a little drizzle of olive oil on top and sprinkle some nutritional yeast on it as well.

  11. Vegetable cutting… waste of time… battery getting low…. Show on the main point….😐🙄😒😫

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