53 thoughts on “Upper Body Workout + Vegan Grocery Haul

  1. I chuckled when you cleaned the mat and then walk across it! Also, when you wore your shoes in the sauna! You have only been doing yoga for a year??? It looks like you have been doing yoga your entire life! Love your videos! So inspirational!!!

  2. LOVE the Fitness Fridays! Please continue to do more in-depth workout and yoga routines, those are my favorites!

  3. Girlll, I had to pause the video really quick cause I have tell you that McDonald’s fries aren’t vegan. They’re cooked in beef fat or something like that.. it’s the worst. Okay, gonna press play now 😂

    1. Dezzy Alexandra She lives in Canada and they are vegan here unlike the States. Only fried in Vegetable Oil and no milk derivatives.

  4. My Mantra (mymantraactive.com) is a great ethical fitness brand I think you’d love. Small business, using recycled plastic to make leggings and sports bras. The owner is also an amazing mother and general boss lady – massive girl crush on her! X

  5. Kaylyn! If you’re looking for an ethical and cute fitness brand check out myrosebuddha , they’re even Canada based (in Montreal), so it’s even local.

  6. I know it sounds weird, but I want to see a bathroom tour because I’m changing mine and I need inspiration 🙂

  7. I saw at least 30+ comments about this so let’s clear this up. MC DONALD’S FRIES ARE VEGAN IN CANADA!!!! 🙂

  8. yay ethical clothing! I have been wondering when you would switch to consuming more ethically/sustainably because I knew it aligns with your values.

  9. You‘re not supposed to wear clothes or shoes in a sauna because they have bacteria on them which then grow rapidly in the wetness and the heat of the sauna!!

  10. I know a small label that does ethical workout clothing that is fairly produced in the EU but (unfortunately) the website is only available in German (https://www.manda-shop.de/) 😅 maybe you should start your own workout clothing line. 😉

  11. Athleta is a certified B Corp striving for ethical and sustainable fitness wear! Their leggings are like butter and the comfiest ive ever owned!

  12. Ok I love Kalyn but I need to rant GMO’s are not bad for you it stands for genetically modified organism and it is perfectly fine for you often times it is better for you because they are modified to have more protein or be more filling or they’re even just modified to be bigger and I know some people are like : but it’s not natural it’s literally switching some genes why would people get degrees in this if it was just bad for you it’s not and it really irks me when people hate on GMO’s or won’t buy anything that doesn’t say non GMO because that literally means nothing except that a few genes were switched in something in this!!!!!!!!!! Anyway I love you Kalyn just keep this in mind for your next shopping trip ❤️

  13. You talked about plastic and garbage and you put frozen bananas in a plastic bag. Please use reusable containers.

  14. Hi Kalyn, you mentioned eating McDonalds fries in the begging, and Idk if you know but they’re actually not vegan! 🙁 They are cooked with beef broth. I’m a vegan too and I was really sad to find that out, because I loved them.
    Love you!!

  15. I’m so glad you addressed all the single use plastic in the haul. I guess that’s the downfall of delivered groceries!

  16. How do you workout? You said 1 day upper body, 1 day lower body. When do you do this and when do you run?

  17. PSA: McDonald’s fries aren’t vegan. (In the US)
    I was really bummed to hear about this. They also aren’t gluten free.

  18. I recommend everyone to watch the documentary she mentioned. It’s called “the true cost”. I stopped buying clothes at h&m and all unethical brands.

  19. I love your goal of being a conscious consumer, I think that so important and I can wait for you to share the ethical alternatives you find <3

  20. Girlfriend brand is an amazing company to support! Check them out, they have so many cute fitness clothes and such a great message. 😊

  21. When you do thr butterflies/lateral raises make sure you slightly bend your elbos because if you don’t that can damage muscles in your shoulder, is because of the gravity & it rotates your shoulder

  22. you should make a vegan cook book! All your food always looks so great and i never now what to do with any of my veggies.

  23. Watching your videos help motivated me to be a better me! You are awesome and I’m addicted to watching all your videos and listening to your podcasts 🙂 thank you!!

  24. Correct me if I’m wrong but from what I’ve researched Lululemon is an ethical athletic company

  25. 3 nonnegotiables that you do for yourself everyday … I know this is an old video and a simple concept but it’s blowing my mind and I’m gonna use it to turn my life around.

  26. Ugh, I miss bananas (im allergic) but i find that avocado does really good as a replacement if you’re allergic as well or simply dont like bananas

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