51 thoughts on “5 Delicious Vegan Recipes

  1. Why does a 13 y/o vegan (me) get so judged for being vegan. LIke I don’t use it to get skinny, I care about the animals! -oop

  2. I’m planning to become vegan cause I haven’t been having no meat and dairy and during this quarantine time my skin has been clearing up looking for vegan recipes so I have more to cook with

  3. 1st of all I’m not vegan but I’m vegetarian 2ndly WHO AGREES THE VEGAN RAMEN WAS THE BEST

  4. these recipes looks really tasty actually…i just have a hard time with the music ha ha ha h

  5. Ye wrong re recipes hai. Vegan log salt nd sugar avoid karte hain. Aur isme salt bahot hai. Ye khake koi vegan continues nehi kar payega

    1. They do. Vegans outside of Hindu and Jain-majority countries eat eggs. Tasty is catering to the majority, therefore they use garlic. 🙄

    1. Freeze up to one month means eat now or freeze for any amount of time until one month has passed, when it will go bad.

  6. I’m vegetarian because my father in law makes the best cheesecake and it was a late wedding gift. Don’t judge me I’m trying to do better.

  7. I remember making vege burgers for my vegetarian friends, I used flour, gram flour and rice noodles! It tasted a lot like chicken!

  8. I know I’m late but just to say never feel pressured by vegans to go vegan it’s okay if you like meat and it’s okay if ya wanna watch these vids I know some vegans are like “oh but look at all the benefits” like sure there are benefits but dont bug them or scold them (I thinks that’s how you use that word lol) for eating meat let them be but ye all I wanted to say

    And yes I’m vegan

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