70 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: Vegan Bodybuilders

    1. @JAUR SAW what are you talking about? or your just one of those that assumes all bodybuilders use gear?

    2. @Jimmi Animates And you are one of those people who are so naive that they think you can go far in bodybuilding without pharmaceutical help? Compare the muscles of the people in this video with bodybuilders of the golden age of bodybuilding and you will see that it looks a lot like each other. Stop believing in fairy tales. Vegan bodybuilders also use steroids.

    3. @JAUR SAW yeah have u seen real vegan bodybuilders they have the shape really well but the muscles look so weird some muscles are really skinny

  1. oats are garbage, full of lectins and carbs, which you dont digest. it’s cattle food. you dont get omega 3 from seeds, because you dont absorb it. herbivores can digest seeds , we cant. peanut butter is fat, so lots of oily calories and not much protein can be converted as its full of lectines. Dates and bananas are way too much carbs, which is sugar which scews up insulin levels. Granola, more sugar with grains carbs and actual sugar. stir fries of rice is more carbs, and rice is full of lectins, which is not absorbed , thus causes bloating. Tofu is a bean, more lectins and more inflammation of the gut. potatoes, more starch carbs, which is more sugar. Black beans , more lectins that cannot be digested, which is why vegans FART a lot, more than the cows.Lentils, full of lectines, more non food that causes inflammation. They eat way too many carbs, which would not be available in nature. it’s disgusting. And so much of what they eat cannot be absorbed, which means theyre leaving a lot out. Behind the scenes , off camera, they have creatine, steroids, human growth hormones, and all the other supplements they take because a vegan diet lacks so many nutrients.

  2. “ You don’t want to be eating death you want to be eating life” Plants … Loved what he said!!

    1. @Ahmed Alhusseini Talk about speaking half truths. If you’re implying that plants can feel pain, as in suffering, then you’re completely out of your god damn mind.

    2. Ahmed Alhusseini I am well aware of what you’re referring to. The stress signal that plants emit when being physically damaged is not the same as the central nervous system that you find in animals. You are completely misunderstanding what you’re reading, and I recommend that you educate yourself further on the topic before you tell others that plants have the capability to suffer. Stop spreading misinformation.

  3. Well, you can remove Jon Venus from this amazing video because he is no longer vegan. 😣 He is vegan to hunter. Disgusting!

    1. I like Plant Based News’ video critiquing Jon Venus after he went “vegan to hunter”

  4. If you balance out steroids with healthy eating, you won’t get thw negative side effects of steroids. It banalces out perfectly.

    1. Yeah maybe, but the strongest man in the world is vegetarian and has been for years. They are also bigger than I will ever be😂

    1. Do you realize they look nothing like us, and they don’t give you diabetes, high cholesterol and heart problems lololo they don’t die when they are picked up that’s why you can put roses on a glass filled with water until their color goes away dumbass

    2. @Mateo Leon what’s actually so dumb is making the assumption that eating meat automatically gives u diabetes. You can eat shitty vegan food and get diabetes. It’s about the quality and quantity of food u eat not what you eat. Also I am mentioning this cause of the stupid argument that killing a living thing isn’t necessary to feed another being as if the cycle of life doesn’t exist. Plants are living beings, they live and they die. They also release toxic material to prevent you from eating them because they don’t want you to. Do ur research u are so ignorant

  5. Very interesting! Right now I’m flexatarian and slowly transitioning to more plant based nutrition.

  6. I have a hard for some reason going vegan personally..for some reason my body doesn’t adapt to well. Went back to typical diet and energy came back !

  7. Brian mentioned having a smoothie in the morning that is 1000 -1200 calories… how the heck do you make that plant based?

  8. Hemp seeds are great as well. ~11 grams protein for every 3 tablespoons, and has all 9 essential amino acids. It’s so easy to sprinkle over any shake or food and it doesn’t taste that bad. Definitely a staple food for plant-based diets

  9. That is such a shout at the end: plant protein simply is not bad for you, animal protein has been proven to be bad fro you. I know which one I am going to choose.

  10. Me vegan watching this while eating my rolled oats with flax seed milk, chia seeds and plant based protein powder 🤣👌

  11. I lost too much weight after 18 months on a vegan diet. Gone back to vegetarian and back to a healthy weight. 1500 cals a round of golf I play 5 times a week and had to eat huge amounts just to break even. Smoothies with bananas, oat milk, peanut butter and avocados just not sustainable for me.

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