Staying Fit While Traveling: 8 Travel Fitness Tips

10 thoughts on “Staying Fit While Traveling: 8 Travel Fitness Tips

  1. I forgot the one main point I wanted to make in this video: that natural exercise is the best! I love getting outdoors and hiking. Who’s with me?

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  2. This subject is pretty close to my heart.
    I think I’ve mentioned before that I spent a long time in hospital & that I’ve recently moved to Sheffield. One of the first things I did was join Puregym.
    I actually thought I would have to psych myself up to go every week but actually, I’ve loved it. I’ve got a personal trainer now & not only is it helping me recover from my five year hospital stint but I feel healthier than I ever have, both physically & mentally.
    I now go four times a week & everything you have spoken about rings true.

  3. Great tips! I can agree that the toughest part of working out while traveling is to find the time. If all else fails, going for a long walk is better than nothing!

  4. I am not traveling and I find it hard to have a day job and processing videos I run out of time

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