FITNESS TRAVEL TIPS ♡ Digital Nomad Girl

10 thoughts on “FITNESS TRAVEL TIPS ♡ Digital Nomad Girl

  1. I did wonder how you managed to stay so trim! Whenever I travel it’s like a carte Blanche to eat EVERYTHING. Thanks for the tips, something for everyone there!

  2. What do you eat for breakfast at home as a vegan? I have been at a bit of a loss since I moved to Thailand! I normally have coffee with coconut milk, maybe some fruit and then move straight to lunch. Discovered vegan ‘Chocolate Dipped Solar Dried Banana’ by Banana society in 7/11 FYI! SO GOOD! 🙂

  3. Very cool. Thanks for the tips Louise! I like the one about the resistance bands. I used to love to run, but lately the high impact bothers my back. So, now when I’m in hotels I jump around on the bed, or jog in place on the bed, while watching tv or videos. It works great. At home I use a mini trampoline.

  4. oh good, we got a pack of resistance bands… haven’t started using them yet, but now feeling much better about the purchase. lol Thanks for the awesome tips as always.

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