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  1. Madam ji aap wahi hein jo award show mein janawaron ke bachane ya unke liye kaam krte hein and wahi apne video mein turke kese cook krte hein Wo batati hein,, kabhi paison se bahar nikal ke dekho,, bahut kuch hai yaha

  2. You have literally killed all goodness of green veggies by saute..and in top of it so much fat and oil
    ……its not health giving….its helath stealing Salad Recipe……FAKE WORLD….she must never be eating this herself….LOL

  3. क्या बात है! नये रोल मे भी बाजीगर लग रही हो आज भी वैसे ही हो

  4. Every recipe is good but I request to mention the ingredients also for the ease of access to our recipes

  5. I don’t know the truth but as per the dieticians and other nutritionists they say non stick pan isn’t good for health…what can be done for replacement in tht case wonder chef has beautiful nonstick cookware and I love that…

  6. Hum ko to humari maa ka khana hi acha lagta hai duniya ki number 1 Cook maa hai maa k hath ka dal chawal biryani paya keema gosh pulaw sari bhajiya ok

  7. such a waster…if you closely observe she cant even handle ingredients properly…
    gyan kuch nahi hai , nautanki zyaada hai

  8. Oil 🎉
    Garlic paste 🙀
    Unsalted peanut butter 🤹
    Pepper powder 🤼
    Cayenne pepper 🏋️
    Seasemse seeds for garnish 🤷

  9. तनी हिंदी बोलल करा के भौजी, तोहरे मालिकार हिंदी ही बोलवावेंन अपने फिलिमिया मे

  10. Oil 💞
    Spring onion 🩸
    Garlic 👂
    Chilli 👊
    Red capsicum ❣️
    Carrots 💋
    Green peas 🎃
    Spring onion greens 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
    Baby spinach leaves 🫂
    Salt 👃
    Unsweetened Peanut butter 👋
    Ginger paste 💀
    Maple syrup 🤌
    Tamari sauce 🌺
    Coconut milk 🦶
    Rice vinegar ✊
    Lemon juice 💞
    Pepper powder 😁
    Cayeene pepper 🦠
    Coriander leaves 👎
    Romaine lettuce 🌾
    Mix all the ingredients 👌
    Serve the veggies on a plate and drizzle the salad dressing on top 🩸
    Garnish with seasemse seeds 💖

  11. We really miss you shilpa.. please come back on YouTube channel… i started making healthy food only after watching your videos… I completed avoided Maida.. refined sugar… you are very unique.. we love your recipe and also you.. please come back to YouTube 😍

  12. Whoever handling this social media… please inform this to shilpa…we want her to be back on YouTube and share us some healthy recipes

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