51 thoughts on “7 Day Vegan Meal Prep| 2019 Get Fit Challenge

  1. So let me get this straight you have to stand there naked to tell us what you eat??? Heifer are you selling vegetables or plussy?

  2. watching your videos for motivation for my workout, because i want to get a woman / girlfriend / wife as cute fine and sexy (BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS) as you are!!

  3. Unfortunately, Coffee is rancid when purchased from your retailer which makes it destructive to your endothelial layer…

  4. Vegans don’t need to worry about calories, as veggies and fruits are low calorie, high nutrient density.

  5. Love you too 😘 Great representative, this lady is a champion the best of the best this top notch organic πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜

  6. Hey girl hey! Thanks for the vid. I don’t see myself going vegan anytime soon but I’m here for it! 😘

  7. What are your thoughts of taking creatinine? On the Women’s Best site I saw it. Is it healthy to take?

  8. Brilliant vid but when’s best time to eat before workout or after ? And are the meals practically the same for the seven days sorry I got confused ?

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