1. I have a question tho, isn’t the point of being vegan to support veganism. Like vegan products, vegan companies. So that would mean only buying from dairy free manufacturing plants? But I understand it can never be cost effective that way and there’s bound to be manufacturing plants that do process multiple products and it’s not always listed. I have tried researching all these companies and tried really hard to stick to only vegan products when I was completely vegan and found it so exhausting and stressful to pack all that info into my head. So now I’m mostly vegan with the occasional unaccounted for dairy products that I can’t sort out or is too difficult to sort through. Making me vegetarian.

  2. i’m so glad that you explained that may contain thingy! I went vegan a week ago and I’ve been struggling to find bread because all of them say ‘may contain milk and eggs’ thank you so much!!

  3. Vegan meatballs with some grape jelly(I use Smucker’s) and chili sauce. Throw it in the slow cooker for a few and boom, sweet and sour meatballs. Throw it over some some rice and you got a nice hearty fall meal 😊. I’m not 100% yet, but the transition is going great!

  4. There’s no vegan burger Or sausage. Im new to Vegan, and i think i really need these stuff for transition. Anyone can tell me if these meat replacement stuff healthy Or not?

  5. Looks like my groceries lol. I spend about $400-500 CDN a month for 3 vegans to eat well. When we ate animal products I spent $800-$1000 a month on groceries. Huge difference in cost and health! Everyone should be vegan because animals don’t want to be eaten and it’s very unhealthy for humans to consume dead flesh.

  6. Do you have smoked Tofu and silken Tofu too in the US? I might be moving from Austria and i would miss it like craaaazy

  7. Glad you spoke of the (may contain…). I was confused about that the other day!

    That would be $117.68AUD, which is not bad. I usually spend give or take; $250AUD a fortnight, for my son and I.

  8. I’m begrudgingly trying to steer myself away from meat. I’m a big guy and I feel like I cant live without my chicken and ground deer meat, but in the end its just ethical and better for the planet. Im about to try some cauliflower barbecue “wings” so i hope they’re good.

  9. Shout out to the baby vegans just getting their feet wet <3 welcome :3 don't let anyone rush you and take your time <3 It's okay to need some time to get used to a new thing ^^ and bless u for giving it a shot :3 <3

  10. Are the products also gluten free? I have celiac and it seems a vegan diet is good for Washington and.Celia …. overwhelmed where to start

  11. Hello from Australia 😀 This is a very helpful, informative video. Helps us newbies to this type of diet. Now 2 years ago, but still current 👍👍

  12. This is more or less how my groceries look. My only complain with cheaper vegan food is the high levels of sodium in some products. If you buy canned goods, I recommend checking the sodium level so you don’t dehydrate yourself. Nevertheless, you’re cutting out a lot of sodium out by simply not eating meat, so it is more for caution than something you need to actively look out for. Very good video, you inspired to try out some things I never have!

  13. I am a newbie, and this was helpful. However, I’m also low carb so I can eat the vegetables…

    I was curious that if you were buying some vegan cheese to make pizza. Do you eat pizza or some sort?

  14. I always find it amusing when I go shopping with my roommates and they get like 4 items that will probably last them 2 days (processed/specialty foods/meat/dairy) and I have a weeks worth of food (whole cart full of produce,) and our bill is the same or mine is less. They’ll leave the store with one bag, and I’ll barely be able to stand upright with all of mine haha.

    Moral of the story – being vegan can be affordable, especially if you’re going from a standard american diet. Sometimes whole foods like beans and produce are cheaper than the alternative, especially if you shop sales and stick to the fruit/veg that is in season. Occasionally I splurge and get fancier things, but most of the time I have no desire to.

    (I also recommend for everyone to make their own hummus, sabra isn’t really a good brand (look it up) and you can make it with as much garlic as you want and whatever flavor you want and in the long run its way cheaper, just a pro tip. Drain and rinse a can of garbonzos, lemon juice, tahini (seems pricey but you can make like 12 things of hummus with one jar), garlic, and salt for the base, all of those ingredients to taste. )

  15. I’m still on the hunt for smoked tofu because of this channel. My favorite budget tofu option, where I live, is the kind that’s shelf-stable and you can buy in a box. It’s more expensive by volume but I’m terrible about wasting perishable food so for me personally it’s cost-saving and less wasteful. I keep it in the fridge because I live in Florida and I want it to last FOREVER. Also obsessed with those shelf stable plant milks, so good.

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