54 thoughts on “How Eating Plants Changed My Life | Nimai Delgado | Talks at Google

  1. I am a vegan from past 4 years but I don’t know how to convince people about veganism. Your last two questions at the end of the video have showed me how to do that. Thank you Nemai.

  2. While I admire his sentiments, and the way he addresses compassion as primary. The way he looks is due to genetics foremost, however, and that should be stressed in setting standards for men on the front of magazines. No amount of effort or training can make someone built like him unless their genes permit.

  3. Promotion to an anti meat diet should be; his calm composure on a 30 minute talk, which was well presented, he’s achieved engineering degree and he’s never eaten meat in his life? That’s a another. That mad bod? Common y’all…
    # Vote witch yo money

  4. Holy shit … I’m binging on videos to support my transition because, unlike Nimai, I inherited a way of eating & remained ignorant …

    I’ve starved myself of sufficient nutrients because, on one hand, I didn’t really know what to do but, on the other hand, I didn’t want to even look at an animal product …

    So, videos like this & these self documented 12 week vegan transformations have really hit the core & inspired me.

    I know it’s controversial but one thing that pushed me over the edge was the heroes journey or heroic dose, rather. Any “hippy” or, in my words, educated & compassionate person will understand what I mean.

    I guess I confronted & dissolved my own ego & felt the answer – the answer was unspoken, can’t be articulated, is not religious but … the answer, amongst many things (like cannabis cessation), taught me that the way we eat is completely wrong. I always knew it but I was blind & ignorant but … I don’t know – it forced me to wake up & here I am. I’m gonna do some real research re: what to eat. I’m in shape but it’s not about shape. It’s about optimal health & it’s not even about longevity (I don’t fear death), it’s more about enjoying the time spent on earth & I can’t do it anymore knowing that my own ignorance for my own convenience contributes to ethical problems that I detest.

    A bit of a tangent but … if anyone has any good meal ideas, let me know.

    PS: he is so well spoken. Kudos my man. You were raised very well. To paraphrase Red from Shawshank, I had to crawl through a river of s*** to come out clean on the other side.” Peace & an absolute ocean of love to you.

  5. so you ate floads of dairy and eggs. which allowed you to develop in to a normal human being and when you became an adult you took floads of steroids to help build muscle. Excellent.

  6. Came across this and had to share with my twins that both lift weights and work on taking care of their body. 1 son did try bodybuilding competition and he did like that. I was impressed how my boys would work on their own to learn how to care for their bodies compared to how I was eating myself. I have been on my journey for 3 years now and I feel going plant based Whole Foods is the way for me to go, I did everything out there for diets and now I’m going all in plant based lifestyle. Thanks for information. Also the milk part hopefully that helps my boys stop the milk.

    1. @Jason H many fruits and veggies contain oxalates. And yes, meat is a contributor as well. But the major stone contributors are veggies.

  7. What an AWESOME video, I’m so grateful for Nimai’s wisdom and knowledge! I’ve been a Vegetarian for 5 years and thought it would be next to impossible to give up cheese, but this has TOTALLY inspired me to start the journey to full, plant-based diet. 🙌🌱Thank you!

    1. @American Faster The health benefit is definitely a motivation, I just never knew how to get enough protein without eating dairy. 👍

  8. Isnt it supposed for bodybuilders to consume like 1 – 2 g of proteing per kg of bodyweight?¡

  9. This guy is on hella steroids, just so you all know. You will not have a physique like this as a natural vegan. You will also suffer many health complications. This guy is *incredibly* unhealthy, despite being muscular.

  10. This is vegan logic at its worst. He is young, so that is one reason his body hasn’t completely fallen apart yet on a vegan diet He also probably drinks a lot of unnatural processed smoothies and shakes and definitely supplements on top of possible steroid use. Plus, isn’t the entire point of veganism to impact the planet as little as possible? To become that big you have to consume massive quantities of plants which are not calorie dense and do not provide essential nutrition we can use. Being a bodybuilder = not vegan lifestyle. He claims it is the best fuel because he has a mechanical engineering background? Our bodies are not machines and they don’t break plants down in the first place.

  11. Nimai is awesome, I love this guy and I’d love to lift with him and get a nice high protein vegan meal with him after

  12. Koreans and Japanese have the lowest obesity rates and most centenarians, Japan in particular

    Japan also eats the 1/3 of the worlds seafood. So yeah maybe it’s not an omnivore diet, maybe it’s the fact that westerners eat more sugar and fried foods.

    Also you’re a fake natty, no “professional” IFBB pro is natural, it’s an unspoken law in the pro body building world.

    Somehow you’re bigger during your body building event than you are after the show?

    The only way that’s possible is it you’re coming OFF GEAR. Dude you’re a joke, just milking those sponsorships just like every other fake “natty” PRO who won’t admit they’re juicing.


  13. For those who think he is on steroids just know I’m 6’2″ at 230 and look just like him. It comes naturally through hard work and light workouts. It comes easy for some.

  14. How did eating steroids change your life? Every likes to talk about everything except the drugs!

  15. That’s all it takes? You guys are convinced? I don’t think I want 300 carbs a day, glycation and lack of autophagy and shit. The insulin hits are what’s killing us, not the meat. The SUGARS, and if there’s one thing I know, it’s that vegans love sugars in the form of breads, rices, grains, fruit, fruit and fruit…..Who among you is eating less than 300 carbs a day? 200? 100? Anybody under 50 and still breathing? You guys enjoy!

  16. Your life’s destiny is to promote veganism . And You doing it quite well my friend !!! . Thank you for promoting Satvik lifestyle . Hare krishna

  17. Super inspiring. With all the great alternatives available today there is no excuse! Switch to almond milk, meat alternatives, swap beans for meat in your tacos, eat more bowls with tofu and quinoa and other goodies, eat whole grain cereal. And by all means read the labels on the things you buy! There is no need to put SUGAR in peanut butter – yet many do. Own your health and stop making excuses.

  18. Proud to be a Vegetation. And I also go to the gym & I’m getting a better result by eating vegetation products & foods. 🙏🏻🕉️🚩🔱

  19. I wish this had spanish subtitles so I can share it with everybody I know, and on my social media. I have about 80,000 followers, but all they speak spanish

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