70 thoughts on “I ate a vegan diet for 3 years | Here’s what I learnt

  1. A vegan diet increases the dents in your face and widens the jaw. Also it grants you hunter eyes and 100% raw no condom sex appeal. Excellent.

  2. Hope my future wife is healthy and enjoys clean eating and being active…and if she can cook vegan meals…im sold idk i just feel better overall when i eat clean and my body functions better…

    1. @Equinox They can actually. Fishes have a brain and a central nervous system, neuroscientists have said if you have both of those you’re sentient and capable of feeling pain.

  3. Your face shape changes too, ypur ja looks more defined, do you think it a vegan diet may also change your face structure?

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  5. Excellent! …..keep going, stay vegan!👍😊 , I have been Vegan over 19 years now and I will never go back!

    1. ​@Mateo Leon Lololol great comment I know off the top of my head several life long vegans who were even in the medical and scientific fields and they died in their 50s and 60s hell yeah lets all be life long vegans!!!

  6. When the world is forced to reduce meat intake to “save the planet” we will all see just how bad a plant based diet is for humans

    1. What? No body says hey yeah a vegetable diet is bad lol is not like in movies they said “don’t eat your vegetables kids” bro what a comment

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    1. @Mateo Leon Westren ‘CHUTIYA’ in front
      Our Ancient culture n knowledge this 3rd class propegenda is just a myth

  8. I clicked this video while your reached exactly 100.000 followers. Can’t believe. It’s the first time i’ve seen your face.

  9. 3 years is not long at all, I doubt you will be on a Vegan diet 10 years from now as your health will slowly or vastly decline. Humans are omnivores and our omnivore diet early on in our evolution of our early ancestors meat consumption was hugely key to our human evolution, meat literally grew our brains and made our guts smaller. Nothing personally against vegans if a person chooses it themselves they are only effecting them self it’s when many fundamentalist vegans try and covert others is the real problem. You commented that “dairy isn’t meant for us” like that is a reason to not consume it when it has many benefits to do so, there’s many things that aren’t meant for us but we consume them, because they improve our livelihood and health not really a good argument.

    1. @Renegade720 Ok triggered vegan 😂 thanks for replying to my comment which makes me know that my comment struck a nerve with you, you all have the mental capacity of 5 year olds.

  10. Your right about Dairy it is horrible for skin it is horrible for gut health as well which hurts your mental health as well you look awesome and thank you

  11. I saw the thumbnail and I thought okay being vegan turned him into a vampire cool. Like if you get the joke lol

  12. Organic vegan diet even better than source of protien powder that comes from manufacturing !!!💯💯💯💯

  13. You’ve lost weight because of caloric reduction, obviously. At some point you’ll hit the wall of veganism: things like micronutrient deficiency, cholesterold deficiency (yes cholesterol is necesary for things like keeping your skin young and hydrated). Influencers are gonna make a whole generation sick with their anecdotal bullshit.

  14. I’m going vegan 6 months in & man it’s life changing the benefits are real. I initially did it for self improvement but it turns out I also care about all forms of life

  15. 31 years vegan, 63 years young, fit, on no meds. So happy you saw through the “1 gm. of protein per lb. of body weight” myth. It’s actually far lower but so many especially in the US just believe more is more.

  16. How’d you get such a chiseled face bro? Ever since turning vegan, my face has resembled a certain variant of tropical fish.

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