53 thoughts on “This Film Will TURN YOU VEGAN in 2 Minutes | Vegan News | LIVEKINDLY

  1. I was eating chicken while watching this well, yeah you are right now I’m eating salad and two chickens😂😂😂

  2. Rename the video to “This video will make you fall asleep in 30 seconds” more accurate title, no need to thank me

  3. I could do go for a pork chop or a very juicy beef stake.
    And where I’m from we raise and kill our own live stock. It.just taste better when its home grown.

  4. LOL this vid did not make me vegan at all-
    Nothing can convince me to give up the chicken or bacon. I mean we technically are predictors so we are supposed to kill to eat.
    (And yes I actually have killed an animal to eat by hunting) Ngl it was kind sad but at least I got to taste good home made meat and bacon at the end..

  5. Nice try (I’m lying this is pathetic), but let me finish my double beef with cheese and extra bacon…

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