50 thoughts on “4 Smoothies I drink each week | Easy & Raw Vegan recipes

  1. Chelsea helping and eating the ingredients is the cutest thing!❤❤🥰🥰😍😍

  2. Absolutely love your channel! Great cook, delicious raw vegan food delicious smoothies Beautiful family! Thank you for sharing🥰🥰🥰🥰

  3. Bjr Madame, jaime bien vos video mais je ne comprends quedale. Y’a til moyen de penser à nous autres francophones ?🙂
    Merci pr tt ce que vous faites et bcq d courage

  4. I do green smoothies. I’m trying to lose weight, so I’m careful about the amount of fruit I use. I ❤Chelsea. She’s phenomenal.

  5. Can you leave a link for the blender you ste using. Thank you for sharing these they look healthy and delicious.

  6. I love all of your videos. I have a question what blenders and juicers do you use? I’m wondering so I can begin making my own smoothies. Thank you

  7. Just made smoothie number 1 today!!! It amazing how green it turns out with the fruit to veg ratio. Tastes great too😋😋😋😋😋

  8. First video I am watching and it is amazing you are getting your child to cook with you. What a great way to teach a child to eat well and have fun

  9. Thank-you for the recipes.🤗👍❤. I will share them with family and friends. Much love and respect Leonora🤗

  10. Bonjours j’ aime votre chaîne mais je sais pas longue englaish expliquer en français merci bisous

  11. You have truly inspired me! I’m on my second week of eating vegan and I’m ENJOYING it! May I ask what blender you use to make your smoothies?

  12. Deus abençoe fica com Deus princesinha linda e abençoada Que o senhor Jesus Cristo continue te abençoando mais e mais a sua família mamãe linda e abençoada amo todas as suas receitas

  13. Noted all the ingredients definitely gona give them a try .. in two of your smoothies you used orange juice ..can you let me know what are the alternatives for orange juice ?

  14. Its really lovely to see how the little is into all this but I am wondering how it is for a child grown up being infront of a camera and being showed to the world. She is never asked if she wants to be shown in the internet.

  15. This video was so good. Everything about it was so cheerful, calm and positive. The recipes are super easy to make. Also, the little chef added much needed cuteness to the video. Overall, loveddddd it. Thank you so much. Her bbye (I hope she was saying bye bye haha) made my day. Love and support from India.😃☘️🌏❤️💫

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