51 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT FOR BREAKFAST: Dr. Esselstyn & Other Plant-Based Docs

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  2. Can’t eat a green smoothie. After 1st one I was airlifted to hospital. Let’s just say I have bad motion sickness 🙄

  3. Subbed w first view of channel. Tryin to go all way vegan.. Feel like im 85 percent there.half way thru vid n wanna watch MORE ty

  4. Interesting: The centenarians in the blue zones are no vegans or vegetarians. E.g. the traditional people in Okinawa eat mostly vegetables, meat of pork and sweat potatoes. Mostly no fish and rice. Think about it without any radical ethics…

  5. My great grandfather & his brothers all lived into their very healthy active 90s they eat the same breakfast of porridge which included oats & other grains.

  6. Don’t know how this came up as a recommendation. But even as a vegan I still can’t get with oats. I will however start adding the smoothies for breakfast instead of for a snack..

  7. Absolute slave-food filled with anti-nutrients that spikes your insulin and gives you digestive-issues (with the exception of the berries if organic).
    No wonder why people who eat like that need to eat 4+ times/day, complaining about their fatigue and hunger.

  8. Overnight oats with cinnamon, chia/flax, walnuts and banana 😋 or an Indian tofu scramble with curry, pepper etc. and hash browns and toast. Mmmmm

  9. Oatmeal is my favorite too! Having it with fruit and nuts is so good 🥰

    I love to have tofu for breakfast too. I marinate in homemade teriyaki and bake it. I have my tofu with any meal though. In soups and salads but just having it for breakfast starts my day off good.

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  11. Oats / oatmeal is really not that nutritious. It has iron in it, but not much else in terms of vitamins or minerals. It has a high calorie-to-nutrient ratio. Amaranth is much more nutrutious. I eat amaranth for breakfast and I am so satisfied for hours.

  12. Oatmeal is number one. Quick and easy to fix. Throw in whatever berries I have and I’m all set.

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  14. Vegan cheese high in sodium also breads are high in sodium so becareful woth some vegan prepared or frozen meals lol

  15. Sorry but most of these health practitioners don’t look healthy. Their skin is dried out and sallow,circles under their eyes and they look fatigued.

  16. These doctors do not seem to worry about intermittent fasting or counting carbohydrates . Interesting…

  17. I’ve been watching your wife and daughters videos. I ran across Dr. Mcdougalls videos and it convinced me to eat this way due to my pain and constipation. When I wasn’t taking medication I did much better. I don’t know everything to eat for inflammation but I’m trying to eat better. I eat thin crust vegetarian pizza. Can anyone tell me a recipe for pizza?
    Thank you for your videos!

  18. No Dr. Greger?!? He’s the best! He eats his BROL for breakfast and it’s by far the healthiest breakfast compared to those other meals. BROL stands for barley, rye, oats, and lentils. Those grains are whole, intact, with the groats. Not even steel cut. Obviously you have to add berries, walnuts, flaxseed meal, and spices like ceylon cinnamon, the only cinnamon that doesn’t cause liver damage (google it). I can’t eat flaxseeds so I do hempseed and chia seeds for those healthy fats instead. I also like to add a spoonful of raw tahini, raw pumpkin seeds, and ground black seed (nigella sativa). Occasionally, I add baking cocoa, balsamic vinegar and mulberries. Baking cocoa is defatted so you are avoiding those unhealthy fats, the vinegar brings out the chocolatey flavor and the mulberries are really sweet. I don’t do the chocolate one everyday because cocoa inhibits iron absorption 🙁

  19. I need to try that acai bowl. I love Greek yogurt and quite frankly that’s the only thing holding me back from going entirely plant based. That looks like it would have a similar texture.

  20. Somehow I have a fealing that some of them are lying, mostly them Being men. As if they need to recollect on their breakfast. Maybe it is because someone else has made it, and not them.🤔

  21. Dr Steven gundry is a quack, ask doctor Essy , as his friends call him. Ask Dr esselstyn what he thinks of Dr gundry Steven gundry, I believe the man to be a complete whack job of a nut disguising himself as a doctor telling people to do all the wrong things. And that will clog up your arteries quick.

  22. I eat the same way Dr essy does in the morning, my oats and my fruit are my to-go to breakfast everyday and I will never ever eat rolled oats cooked in a pan ever again in my entire life.

  23. Sweet in the morning 🤮 berries 🤮
    I love to make pancakes ( with nut butter) or tofu scramble on saturday and then eat it for the rest of the week. I do occasionally have a green smoothie so its not so sweet that it makes me nauseous.

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