56 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day – Raw Vegan, Mostly Fruitarian, Simple Diet

  1. What do you love about your current diet? Is there anything you want to incorporate more? Share with me in the comments below. I will also share the reason why I started eating raw in my upcoming Q&A / Get to know me video!

    1. We took the plunge and went vegan (was vegaterian so not to bad which we cut out all but eggs when we went vegaterian).

    2. you are supposed to meal prep and bring your own food when you go out so you always have the right nutrition and meal. eating out is a HUGE waste of money and 99.9% of the time, they LOAD the food up with BUTTER and other garbage to make it palatable.

    3. I’m trying to incorporate a herbal thing to smoke, as I am a raw vegan who smokes cigarettes, possibly the only one of my kind haha

  2. You’re such a sweet soul. Thank you so much for existing and creating these calming videos. Subscribed!

    P.S. You like Abraham and Hicks too?!♥️♥️♥️

  3. Hi please could you tell me if you are fully raw at these stage and if not, why do you chose to keep cooked food in your diet? I ask because I am wanting to switch to a raw plant based diet myself for healing

  4. Admirable lifestyle,i find i have the same concerns for the world we live in.I also became vegan out of compassion,because it hurts to see them dying for the sake of sustaining our bodies.But,tell me,how did you become fruitarian? Why focus on fruits?

  5. You look really good I’m trying a raw vegan and I feel great I just hope I can do it long term.

  6. I have eaten only cat food for the last 3 years and it really has helped me connect with my 10 cats much more than when I was on a pure raw vegan non cat diet , it may not be for everybody but if you eat the same food as your cat , the spiritual connection is on another level , please try it with your cat and report back on your findings , you are what your cat eats.

  7. I really love you (: making me think twice about going to college, I was going to become a bricklayer but being waste free sounds much better for my soul (: <3 thankyou (:

  8. Many Indians are vegetarian and vegans. Yet they eat enough plant based protein. Not just fruit. The right serving of fruit is two medium size fruit everyday. Eat a proper vegan diet. Get all the amino acid from the right plants.

  9. We use ecofiltro, biodegradable and ecological with the environment, find it on internet is incredible.

  10. Have you heard about dr Robert Morse? He specializes in detoxification and complete cellular regeneration. He teaches about which foods are best for detoxification (fruits berries and melons ) and how to combine them in order to get the best results. A lot of people have cured their cancer amongst other diseases using his methods. He also has some really great herbs that I definitely recommend ! I especially recommend his parasite M tincture! It helps with bread cravings! He’s on you tube and makes videos on how to heal different diseases and gives people helpful tips! Definitely recommend HES changed my life for the better <3

  11. How do you make sure your eating everything you need? Do you supplement at all? Is their a raw vegan chart to help with macros/nutrient values?
    Being iron deficient and vegan I’m keen to gain more insight 🙂 thank you

  12. “most of my meals are just smoothies” i love smoothies that sounds too good to be true. I’m hesitant to start a fruitarian diet because i’m worried i won’t get all the sustenance i need. for example iron, protein and carbs i don’t know many fruits which contain those and i live an active lifestyle so can’t just eat rabbit food lol. any advice?

  13. Thank you so much for this video. I can feel in my spirit that I need to become a fruitarian, and I am taking baby steps toward this goal.. A seed doesn’t become a tree overnight 😁.

  14. Wow, 20 years of fruit can leave you looking like a crack user. These guys are frail and their muscles are wasted.

  15. I’m currently sos free whole food plant based. I want to go mostly raw. But right now my circumstances won’t allow it. Hopefully by end of next year December I will be mostly raw. This video is encouraging me to keep going.

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