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  1. I just did this with my 12 year old and we were sweating like it rained very good first workout for us !!! mom n son team to healthy lifestyle!! Thank you!!

  2. I’ve laughed and cried through this workout!

    I had a serious mental breakdown 2 years ago from trauma. Was hospitalized and very medicated for a while. I spent a year coming off all the medication. I gained almost 60 pounds in 2 years from before and after the breakdown. Most due to medication.

    I’ve made major life adjustments and improvements for my mental health but physically I was at my worst.

    I’m looked through so many different exercise programs but none felt “good”. Most made me feel bad about myself.

    THIS makes me feel encouraged, happy, strong and inspired!!!
    I feel sore. I feel strong. I feel HOPE.

    Thank you Daniel!

  3. I’m 69 years old, overweight and completely out of shape with asthma. I am so tired of making excuses and feel very depressed and ashamed of myself. Gonna start this today and do what I can. Wish me luck everyone.UPDATE:
    first I want to thank each and everyone of you for all the love and encouragement you guys have shown me over the past two months. As of today (June 9th) I’ve lost 10 pounds and it feels wonderful because I can actually work in the yard now and I haven’t done that in a long long time. I’m still doing the same work out, I’m doing it about four times a week – I went a little crazy and was doing it twice a day and I think I overdid it so now it’s four times a week. I’m in it for the long-haul – so please know I appreciate all the kind words you’ve given me. Thank you everyone. You guys have been my inspiration. Update 10/11/20. I feel great. I’ve lost 30 lbs and have a lot more energy. And I had a birthday ~ now I’m 70. Thanks for all the wonderful comments they have really motivated me. Blessings to all of you. Update 1/21/2021…everything is going great. I continue to lose weight and have lost 52 lbs…I’m so proud of myself and want to thank all of you for your continued support. It’s great, I can actually walk and exercise without hurting. All of you have been such a blessing to me. I’ll continue to update.

    1. I’m extremely happy to hear you are continuing. I hope it remained so. Enjoy your great years by being active and healthy.

    2. First of all Happy birthday 🎉🎊🎂 i wish u live a long healthy life surrounded by ur lovers. Second u motivate me to do this workout so i can achieve my goal in weight-loss,, i want to loose around 30 or 35 pounds ,, so thank you so much for all the updates u made.🥰🥰🥰

    3. Anna, I am you (without the asthma). I stop and start these workouts saying I will do them daily and then I give it up. This is day 2 for me this time, a little sore from yesterday so went slower today, but I am going to do this!

  4. Data Entry: 289
    Day 289 of the Quarantine:
    It’s raining today, so I’m more bored than usual. I’ve been sitting on the bed thinking about my weight, and I’ve realized that I need to be more productive and proactive about my health, so I’m looking for a good workout. I’m going to aim for 25 pounds, so I hope it goes well.

    Day one: May 6th, 2020.
    Today is the first day of my new life. Let’s get it!!!

    *April 11: 330 pounds* (150kg+)
    *May 8 : 319 pounds* (145kg+)
    *June 5 : 309 pounds* (140.5kg)
    Dec 28 : 267 pounds* (121.4kg)

    I aim aiming to go below 200 pounds. Hopefully i can achieve my goal by 2021!! All the best to all of you.

    Changed my diet, cut out sugary drinks, consumed little to no fried stuff and also doing 16:8 intermittent fasting.
    Wish me luck guys! Also, do not underestimate walking!!!

    I’ll update here on my next milestone 😀

    1. @Eljamal Yahya first few days was tough, barely managed to complete it. After a few weeks, managed to complete the video. It feels good doing it. Now, it’s like a must thing to do for me xD. If i don’t exercise for the day, i feel guilty lol. Though i have a rest day.

  6. This is the only workout video I completed right through. The trainer’s words are so motivating. I cried when he said “your body wants to give up but only your mind can let it.” because it not only applies to me fitness wise but emotionally. I’ve tried to kill myself 3 times since the year started. I’ve been kicked out of home, going through a rough breakup (he cheated and is now married to her with a baby) and I’ve gained about 100 pounds since then. I’ve found a new job and they hate me. Everything in my life seems to be falling apart and I’m trying so hard to stay fit,stay healthy, regain myself but sometimes I feel like giving up.

    I’ve done this workout twice so far. Yesterday and today and I think I’m going to keep it up. I’ll try to do it everyday at least once.

    It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you’re overweight and your life is falling apart piece by piece.

    1 week update: I didn’t do this everyday. I skipped 2 days but each time it gets easier and easier. Yesterday I did Angie’s part including the weight and boy it was tough. It took a whole different level of energy out of me. But I finished. I have seen a difference in my body. My stomach looks a bit smaller now as well as my arms but it’s nothing much. My weight is still the same.

    1. Keep pushing through. Nevermind the haters. I have been through really rough times too in my life. I promise you will find joy and peace if you persist. 🤗

  7. i’ve never seriously worked out in my life so this is going to be very difficult but i’m going to start in the morning! and hopefully i’ll be able to finish but i won’t be mad if i can only do half. when i’ve attempted to work out in the past i couldn’t stick to it and i always felt like a failure because i could never keep up with the overly fit instructor and would push myself too far and wouldn’t be able to stick to it because i would burn myself out. but i’m starting to realize it’s better to not finish the workout than to never start! i’m going to try and keep in mind that any small workout counts as long as i’m trying my best. i always hear that the beginning is the absolute hardest but that it gets easier the longer you keep at it. hopefully it’s true! i’m going to stay tuned with my body and know my limits and just do as much as i can and stop when i start feeling overwhelmed. little by little i’ll be on my way to good health and toned muscles!

  8. so im a 14 year old girl, never really did sport, and its time to get fit and healthy. I’m tired of eating fast food everyday while doing nothing and making new excuses not to work on myself all day. imma get this. even if I dont have support around me, i believe i can do it. I will start and work myself upper and upper, step by step, in MY pace. I do this for me, because I wanna better myself. for myself, and no one else.

    1. Make sure you focus on your health and not what you look like I’m sure you’re already very beautiful

  9. This workout is very conducive to us living in condos. Not only is it great 👍 for starting (all over again), there’s no jumping that your neighbours below are annoyed by your noises . This is also great for us recovering from health issues (cancer) and trying to start and be consistent.
    Thank you for the support. Keep the juices flowing and keep winning! Much luck and more power to you and your team 👏 👏

    1. I’m 15, I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember because of depression. Finally I am crawling my way out of that hole with sheer determination. I want to be fit, I want to be light on my feet. Thank you for giving me this video

    2. @sweetxfinnie and this TV show is dedicated to another personal (DISABLED) student of mine , who, among healthy opponents, for two years in a row became the National medalist in Karate in its most prestigious, absolute (free) weight category (this result also has no analogues in the world: none of the DISABLED persons did not become a medalist national championship of any country among HEALTHY fighters): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAKQLwiFHkw

  10. Today is my first day! I cant believe I finished this whole workout 😭 Thank you so much for this 😭❤ started at 7:54 am, finished it at 8:24 am

    1. @Princess Sophie Punzalan Hello my friend!!I have missed you as well!!I havent got to work out much-I went back to work last week & haven’t really had time after I get off.And I’m to dang tired to do it on my day offs lol I gotta get back at it though..I really miss it.I was moving so much better & actually seeing results.Dont give up friend.You got this & please stay in touch!I will touch base with you later this week!!

  11. I always busied myself with works, full time + freelances, then stress eating. Now after quarantine, I quit my full time job and with only freelances, I want to have time for myself and I want to love my body and my lifestyle. So here’s my notes, guys~ Good luck for you all too.

    START: So, I didn’t measure my weight properly at the start of this journey (lol), but I did measure everyday starting from 30/10/2020. I’ve also changed my menu from Monday to Friday, then have cheat meals for weekends. My height is about 162 cm and I’m 31 yo.

    30/10/2020: 61.6 kg (135.8 lbs) -> Did full workout but really exhausted.
    31/10/2020: 60.6 kg (133.6 lbs) …. First week average: 60.9 kg (134.2 lbs)
    Today 10/11/2020: 60.2 kg (132.7 lbs) -> Did full workout and started to feel lighter.

    MENU NOTES: I’ve changed my menu and it really helped A LOT. I lowered carbs and sugar, except on my cheat meal days on weekend. Fruit smoothies (or green smoothies with kale) and french toast for breakfast, then like healthy balanced recipes (with carbs, fiber, protein) I found on the internet for lunch and dinner. Dinner is always under 7 and the portion is always the least compared to breakfast and lunch.

    I starved myself one day and it was bad. My weight is up and down during this journey, but I’m trying to be more relaxed. It’s about healthier and consistent lifestyle, not a sudden change, so right now, I’m still in adapting process 🙂

  12. This comment is more for me than anyone else. Something for me to look back on later.

    It is 25/10/2020. I am 27 years old, 24 stone and did this today for the first time. Got to about 19 mins before I felt like jelly.

    I will keep going, I will lose weight, I can do this!

    Update 02/11/2020 – Didn’t completely commit to this right off the bat because my Mom had a stroke and as such I’ve had other priorities. BUT, somehow through dieting and whenever I can do this, I’ve lost 7 lbs. So for all of you out there who aren’t sure, know that doing this whenever you can, as opposed to every single day can still be very effective. We can do this!

    Second Update 09/11/2020 – Since I’ve started, I’ve gone from 345 lbs to 327 lbs! I’m going to stop weighing myself weekly and instead wait until the end of the month for the next update. See you all then, let’s keep going!

    Third Update 26/11/2020 – Not quite the end of the month, but nevermind eh? So, I’ve gone from 345 lbs to 327, and upon weighing myself today I’ve hit 323, only 4 lbs in two-ish weeks. It seems I’ve finally hit that inevitable slow down, but I’m not discouraged. Instead of focusing on it as simply a diet and exercise, I’ve come to incorporate it into my daily routine and now simply see it as the way I live my life. So for those who become upset when you hit the weight loss wall and only lose 2 lbs or so a week, don’t be upset please. Yes you’re not losing as much as before, but you’re STILL losing weight. And 2 lbs a week is actually a very healthy amount to lose in a week. I was informed recently that to lose the amount I did so quickly was actually rather dangerous, so I’m pretty happy with a slower loss.

    In any case, keep going! I am here with you all the way! Merry Christmas!

    Fourth Update 26/12/2020 – Welp, I’m back for what will likely be the last update for the foreseeable future. I was 323, somehow gained 3lbs and went up to 326, but focused and went from 326 to 316lbs. 29lbs lost since I started this properly back on 01/11/2020. As said I likely wont be back for a bit as I want to get under 20 stone. So, when I hit that mark, I’ll return. See you all then, and have a very good year!

    1. Keep going!! Look at it as part of your daily routine. Same way you shower and dress put in a workout. Sometimes I do the first half with weights because consistency most important. DAILY EXCERCISE isnt just loosing kilos but more about overall strength energy and overall health. Looking sexier is just a bonus

    2. What kind of diet are you on? Losing 18 pounds in a week is a lot, even for the first two weeks. I’ve only been losing a kilogram a week despite being on a balanced diet

    3. @Mega Shitpost do you weight the same as him/her? The most weight you have, the fastest you will lose it
      The closest you are to the ideal weight for your body, the slowest you lose it!
      I’ve been stuck for years in my last 5kg hahaha

  13. I’m so glad I come across this video. I been doing this workout for 4 months at first I did 7 days a week and of course eating healthy I lost 20 pounds something I never thought could happen I just want to thank them
    For changing my life with this great workout videos

  14. Kudos on anyone doing it, but remember that diet is king of weight loss. I lost 43kg/86lbs in 6 months with diet alone, I didn’t exercise (because I wanted a gradual transition from a basically unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one) and reached my ideal weight. While exercise is a good addon, diet should be your primary concern.

    1. @Awo Dede Addo Thanks. I ate everything but tried to eat as much vegetables, meat, fish and fruit as possible. I counted calories , and ate just enough to lose 0.9kg/2 lbs per week, but it was much faster than that. Meals only at 11,14 and 17 o’clock. I never ate the same amount of calories per day – for example I ate 1500 calories per day, but today I’ll eat 1800. Then 1200. Then 1700, then 1300, then 1500, 1600 followed by 1400, and so on. Practically I ate 1500/day but didn’t allow my body to adapt to a low calorie metabolism mode which would slow down weight loss.

      I actually get irritatated now when I see some under 1000 calories extreme diet – a common mistake. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  15. It’s legit 6 am and my dad says i have to do a workout before i watch TV so this is my workout LMFAO.

    1. @Facts_ Not_Tea 0.o lol, a part of his responsibility is to make sure you are doing what’s good for you 🙄

      Watching TV is unhealthy, working out is (especially in these times when we’re not moving as much anyway) He never said that you can’t watch TV, but this will help you learn how to prioritize stuff in life cus health is way more important than Tv. Period

      Lmaoo I know dads can be annoying sometimes, sooooo annoying in other times lol so good luck haha but just keep in mind that’s it’s all out of love and for your own good!

  16. I have been depressed for a few years now and have gained ~60 pounds since. Today I’m deciding to break the negative cycle and take back the control of my life. For me, it starts with getting back in shape and feeling healthier and awesome. I’ll do this workout once everyday. Hoping to get the best out of it and good luck to y’all in your journeys as well.

  17. i felt great, i haven´t work out in a long time. i was depressed eating my way through life for the past two years. i decided today my life was going to change, i have to change if a want to keep living, not just for me, but for my two beautiful children. you make me feel so motivaded, you make me feel hope of having a full healthy life. thank you so much!!!

  18. Beginners please read: I woke up one day and wanted a change(probably what your thinking when you clicked on the video). I found this video and barely could finish half of it. I kept consistent every day regardless what my mind told me, then on the 3rd day I finished it fully without a break. On the 3rd day, I had a break-through because I realized it was all mental. With a strict diet, a consistent workout, I dropped 25lbs in two weeks which gave me even more to continue because I seen change/progress. Current day, I can’t wait to wake up and workout. My mourning workout is one 30 minute high intensity, 15-30 min run on the treadmill, one more 30 minute high intensity, then a hour of cardio at night. I now could care less about what the numbers says on a scale, I only continue because I truly love what it does for my health and best of all mental health. Don’t give up, stay consistent, and know that it is all mental. Good luck on “YOUR” journey.

    1. @Rebekah Hutchins actually 2 1/2 hours minimum. That’s over the span of the whole day though. My workouts usually consist on no breaks. It’s straight through. At my beginning I was lucky to get through 10 minutes. Set a higher goal for yourself instead of fitting in a dress. It will prepare your mind for a greater drive. My goal was 100 lbs. I haven’t reached that goal yet so that’s why I’m not satisfied.

    2. @Moose fitting in my dress is short term. I only have 3 weeks left to lose more. Gained during the pandemic and had my dress altered to me right before it all started. After my wedding I hope to lose about 70lbs.

    3. Thank you! I started working out a little over 2 weeks ago and I finally noticed a change in my body earlier today when I looked in the mirror! The first thing I noticed was that my stomach had gone down A LOT. And I don’t even have a strict diet. I just watch what I eat and choose healthier meal options over the less healthy ones and eat a little less calories. It really seems to be working! I’m excited to continue my weight loss journey.

  19. 12 days since I’m following this workout, in the span of three weeks.
    I see my shoulders defining, my arms looking slimmer, the tummy looking toned up and the legs are visibly looking like they have toned up A LOT!
    The weighing scale won’t budge. It’s still where I started, but atleast I can SEE the changes in the mirror and I’m happy about that. It’s motivating me to workout more.

    After a few sessions I could gain the understanding of how to engage my muscles properly in the midst of each exercise. It will take some time to get these simple ones right as well!

    1. @CP I’m in the same place and eating well. Scale isn’t budging but clothes look better. Getting discouraged!

    2. @Kainidy the only thing that works is being in a calorie deficit, those diets put you in a deficit maybe. It’s calories in calories out and a lifestyle not a yo-yo

  20. Hey everyone. I’m going to be doing this workout tomorrow, and I’m really serious about becoming healthy again. I’m 16 and 180, 5 foot 7.5. I want to get down to a healthy BMI, so probably 160 to start. I want to learn to like working out, and I’m going to do this and some dance workouts 3-4 times a week. I dread the doctors visits telling me that I need to lose weight. This time I’m thinking this is a starting point towards the future. I’ve done this dance 3 or 4 times and every time I quit. I can’t do it this time, I can’t. If I reach 200 pounds I’ll lose the last motivation I have. I’m not focused on weight loss this time around, I want to gain muscle and become healthier. I don’t know if I’ll update everyday, but I’ll try. Some days will be better than others but that’s okay. I am going to to push myself to get this workout done tomorrow, and try to enjoy it. If I really am up to it I’ll do this and a fun dance workout to balance it out. Good luck to all.

    1. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! I am 17 now, same height as you, but I went though the exact same thought process when I was 16. I weighed 180 as well and I had tried so many diets and exercise videos to lose weight, but nothing worked because i still ate like crap yet restricted myself for some reason? I finally thought to myself, “Maybe my weight isn’t the issue, but my habits and lifestyle is”, so I decided over time to just increase light exercise like this video a couple times a week and eat the foods i love in moderation (slowly adding new habits each month or week). It has been a little less than a year now of doing this and I am now 156 lbs. I never thought I could do it, because i have been overweight my whole life, but changing my goal really helped me (and I am still on my never ending health journey). Just focusing on being healthier and not worrying about the # on the scale completely changed the process. Now, I still incorporate healthy habits into my everyday routine and just try to do my best with it. I still eat whatever I want just in moderation and I add lots of veggies that I did not like a year ago (i am a picky eater). Its honestly crazy. But trust me when I say this, if I could get through it, then you 100% can too! I believe in you and you have already taken such a huge step on the right path. You should be so proud. (Side note: its also crazy how similar our stories are because I also did dance workouts in the beginning and had to fade off of them because of breathing trouble. But still, we are not alone in this!) It took me a while to lose the weight and the process was slow, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. You got this!

    2. @FANTASTIC MrFox That’s so crazy! It’s awesome to hear and congrats to your huge success! I have along with these dance routines decided to push myself with beginner routines from Chloe Ting. She’s an amazing youtuber, and her videos are challenging but mostly able to be done for beginners. I haven’t started this one yet since her 20 minute routines kick my ass. I used to be super fit from tennis, but tennis was so boring that I quit a few years back. I honestly am not looking at the scale more than once a week or two. A 30 minute workout took me over an hour, and I had to do some light moves but I still did it. I’m really trying here, and honestly I know my weight won’t go down much from this. Building muscle and losing weight is so crazy. It’s nice to meet someone who went through his too.

  21. Just found this workout video. I’m 71 y.o. and need to get back in shape after eating way too much during Covid lock-down. This routine is so wonderful. Daniel is so inspirational. I Love Wade and Angie. Real people, struggling like me. The low impact is a great way to begin the journey to a happier and healthier life! Thank you Daniel. ❤️

  22. Which workout good start for heart disease and high blood patient for transformation healthy life and food schedule.. I just out from hospital because I diet and gastric come.. Then in hospital

  23. I started this April 5th I was 278 it’s may 12th and I’m now at 257 let’s all stay on this together update may 18th 249 pounds update June 6 239 update June 23 229 pounds update July 22 219

    1. Same this exercise is ridiculously effective. I lost 16 pounds by doing this exercise session for about two weeks. I was 176 pounds at first then I was 160pounds. You know I’m overweight for a teenager that’s y.

      Edit: I also jog for about 5km and do this exercise the same day I jog so I guess that also adds to the reduction process

    2. @Djkilla 112 I have lost 12 pounds so far I’m so proud that it’s goin down cause it’s inspiring me to continue knowing that im actually losing

  24. 06/01/21: I’ve only been doing this for 4 days and I’m 250 Ibs and 5”2. It kicks my ass and I can still only get 15 min in but I can already tell I’m better at the movements compared to day 1. My stamina is already a bit improved. I never realized I was this out of shape. Gonna continue this daily until I’ve mastered it and I’m not out of breath 7 min in. I’ll check back in at the 14 day mark!

    06/15/21: It’t been 2 weeks of working out using only this video about 5 times a week and I’ve lost 15 Ibs. I’m also calorie counting for my recommended weight and height and staying away from the sugary / high carbs. My mood is so much better every day and when I do feel the lows, I don’t feel them as long as I used to. Today is the first time I was able to keep through the entire work out to the end without having to take a break and it’s awesome. I noticed I can keep up with my little brother better (he’s 24 and in great shape for the military) without feeling like my legs are dying and I’m not winded. My stamina lasts all day at work where I used to fizzle out halfway through my 11 hour work shifts. The low impact workout is great cause with other workout videos my joints feel like trash the next day and I can sometimes barely walk up the stairs. So happy with my results so far. I’ll check in in another 14 days!

    07/13/21: It’s been 7 weeks since my first log. I’ve come to the doctor for bloodwork due to profuse sweating not just during the workout but also during nights and when I’m doing my daily 7am to 6pm shift. I was starting to feel light headed during my workouts. I have high Cholesterol, LDL, and Triglycerides and my ALT is slightly elevated. I was put on a low fat, low carb diet for the past week now (This is a permanent dietary change). I take 2 appetite suppressants that are prescriptions from my doctor to help with severe hunger cravings. I did fall off the workouts due to personal family struggles but I kept my diet as much as I possibly could. There were a few slip ups before my diagnosis and I have an Ultrasound appointment for my liver on Wednesday. My weight never gained cause I kept my diet in check. My starting weight was 250 Ibs and I’m currently 232 Ibs today. I’m almost down 20 Ibs in 7 weeks. That’s roughly 2.5 Ibs a week so I’m doing well. I started a personal Instagram to make it easier to log my food by just taking a picture. All my foods are quite low in calories cause it’s mostly lean meats, veggies, and fruits at this point due to my labwork. Getting back on the exercise feels good and I’m just starting to notice the ridge of my collar bone. I can see the divots in the mirror and I haven’t seen that in years. It was a good non-scale motivation for me. I have a feeling with my new diet and keeping up on the exercise I’ll start to lose quite a bit more and I look forward to it. See you in 3 weeks! My advice is don’t think you’re going to see or feel immediate changes. I know it gets super disheartening when you put in the work every single day and don’t see the changes but don’t give up. The changes are extremely slow and gradual but once you start to notice them, you’ll feel the spark to continue. I started giving up at the 3 week mark but I knew I’d already come so far losing 15 Ibs. You can do it! Find new ways to motivate yourself! I’m also super fluid with the movements of this workout video now since I’ve done it so many times. I know exactly what moves they are gonna do at this point and it makes it easier for me to not stop in an awkward pause to figure out how to articulate my body for the next upcoming move. I highly suggest getting the support from your doctor if you feel you can’t do it on your own. They are there to help you make the changes you need in your life for the better of your health. You can also compare your weight losses to objects. I’ve lost the amount of weight a standard Dachshund weighs which is astounding to me. On the scale it doesn’t look like much, but when you compare it to something you can hold, it’s crazy to think how much I’ve lost and feel proud of my accomplishments so far. I might be proceeding with some abdominal workouts due to my elevated Triglycerides and LDL (Belly fat is the biggest concern for me at this time due to it). Keep ya posted!

  25. Absolutely loving the TBP low impact cardio. 63 yr old woman with sedentary life and minor knee/shoulder joint pain is seeing the needle on the scale move after just a couple of weeks of 1/2 hr 5-6 days per week. More importantly I’m feeling so much better in my body, so empowered and powerful. Daniel is a joy; I love his energy and I love the energy of all of the TBP participants flanking him through these tough but doable workouts. The great and genuine smiles, the persistence, the various body types… all make me feel welcome, part of the team, and ready to embrace exercise as a lifetime commitment to my health and well-being. Did I mention fun? Daniel makes it so fun! More low impact workouts… please! And thank you Team Body Project!

    1. On their Team Body Project website, (which you can create an account for free), they have a series called “Senior Strong” which you’ll definitely love!

    2. @Jenny Sunshine Yeah, thanks, I saw that… but it’s mostly chair stuff. I’m not quite that senior. Hahaha… I’m really very active and young. I just bought a TRX to use for weight bearing exercise and I absolutely love it. Told my doctor today at my annual physical that next year he can expect six pack abs on me… LOL. Maybe not, but I’m getting very strong and body fat is melting. All good! Just don’t want to do high impact cardio b/c knees. Thanks. xoxo

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