1. Who are you cooking with? I mean – who hold the camera? Perhaps you could introduce us?
      Also – your meals look delicious! I have to try all of them with my girlfriend!

  1. You… you stuck a wrap… in a toastie machine…. HOW HAVE I LIVED FOR 28 YEARS WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT THIS OR SEEING SOMEONE ELSE DO IT!? My minds been officially blown!! #gamechanger 💖🤣

  2. I tried the soup but put in too many noodles and it absorbed the liquid so we just had noodles instead but it was still really good!!

  3. Wanted to give the video a like but then I realized I’ve already liked it before even watching it because I knew it was going to be a good one

  4. Hi maddy i tried the pasta dish…..too watery and no flavor…i think of i just stuck to the soup milk and maybe used coconut cream instead it would have been better…..

  5. I just came across your channel and I am obsessed already!! I really love how practical your recipes are and especially like how you give some insight in between each recipe to give some good hints. You just gained a subscriber ❤️❤️

  6. I dont know how you can eat all that garlic and onions if you have IBS? I would literally die x

  7. I absolutely love your videos when you do really cheap vegan shops and when you show meal ideas for Vegans it helps me out for cooking xx

  8. I like, never follow any recepies (unless were talking about baking ) but watching these kind of videos help a lot with like, knowing what goes well with what, what season inga to use and how to do things. I’m still kinda new to vegan cooking even though I’ve been vegiterian (or… Pesceterian really) for three years so the inspiration is needed

  9. ok so as a student I don’t have this toaster thing BUT as my family knows I love cooking they gifted me an awesome tiny smoothie maker. And LORD I need to make this lazy pasta. This is perfect for friends that come over, for kids (thinking about my little cousins here) and you want to sneak in some veggies, and specifically perfect for that day when I study and I ran out of all freezer meals I ever saved for that time. Also, oh my goooooood the stew solves all my I-don’t-like-these-chunks-of-carrots-in-my-stew-but-I-don’t-want-to-miss-out-on-their-taste-problems.

  10. I know this was posted a while ago, but I’ve been going back and binge watching all your videos. I made the on pot pasta for dinner tonight and it was SO FRICKIN GOOD

  11. The way that you taste or eat every single food in this video even if it’s not good it feels like damn good 😅😅 you make people hungry!!! Nice video

  12. Lazy? Yes please! I LOVE lazy, haha. One tip is you’re interested: you can “fry” those vegetables without oil, just a bit of water, basically steam them while stirring. I have problems processing oils, so i use very little and get them from nuts and seeds. (Vegan) Thanks for these recipes! Hi from Canada. 🙂

  13. I recommend Archie Browns if you’re shopping in Truro (or Penzance). They are a health food shop and Cafe and the Truro shop has got a refill place at the back

  14. I love nutritional yeast. But it would be good to remember that it is heat sensitive, so should not be used for baking or added before cooking, heating above 100°C will damage the nutritional content.

  15. Bean stew could you get away with just chickpeas and white beans? Really don’t like kidney + I don’t have any black beans x

  16. Anyone tips if I don´t have the food processor? I just moved out from home and don´t have a lot of “next level” kitchen tools (I also am a beginner), but still want to do the bean stew .

  17. I started been a vegetarian since last week I hope i succeed 😞. I love your vids they save me a lot

  18. Great video! One tip: fry the tomato puree w the oil at start to develop the flavor and the same for dried herbs to bloom them a bit.

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