1. Thanks so much for this video Gaz! I’ve tried a lot of your recipes and they are always packed full of flavour, creative and such a pleasure to eat! Love the aesthetic of your videos, wishing you all the best for your restaurant, can’t wait to go when you open! 😀

    1. I totally agree; this young guy is so full of creative ideas and good will, he makes my day and vr often when my own creative ideas dry up because I’m tired etc. I find one of his recipes and even if I don’t replicate it, I use what’s in the fridge and it never takes a long time. Great comment, cheers!

  2. You are a rock star 🌠 a vegan rock star 🌟!! Your so versatile in the kitchen, I admire your work and talent.

  3. please make restaurant in österreich i live there and have to cook every day by myself i like cooking but not every single day and there aqrte no restaurants that are really good help me out dude

  4. just love you and all these slow motion communicating you have going on!! thank you for posting both high protein meal videos!! i just love these!! Can you post more high protein meal preps pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. not a chef or anything close but i ve never seen such a daring combination of sweet and sour in a dish

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  7. Tofu scramble for 3 servings, so for 3 days. Which means the meal needs to be re-heated :/ how? In microwave that changes molecular structure of water, which makes food quality trashy basically…? Not a fun of pre prep box meal for above reasons..

  8. I live in a shared student flat and dont have enough space for 9 boxes. Can I store it at room temperature for 3 days?

  9. I saw that you added for your sallad almond etc … but i think the quantity is not ok , you will get more fats (good fats) that your body needs.
    I think is maximum of 10 almond per day.
    You are doing great meals 👍

  10. When he touched that rice and then touched his clothes… Me as a Indian bengali ‘bro you should wash your hands first otherwise your clothes also gets “etu”😂

  11. delicious, every one of them! but it is hard to watch hot foods being put into plastic. just imo….

  12. In your written recipe you wrote 600g of quinoa, so for 3 plates 200g of quinoa each? That seems like a lot no?

  13. The black bean stew I tried (which is now in your cookbook) was sooooo delicious. But I have a question? Why was the recipe on your YouTube video different from the one in the book?

  14. Hey man trying to stop eating meat and that meal prep video was soooo good. you think you could add the general macros and nutritional info

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  20. Is there a non soy substitute to tofu, I used to love scrambled eggs but allergic to them and they make such a great breaky

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