55 thoughts on “CREAMY VEGAN PASTA RECIPES ‣‣ 2 quick & easy dinner ideas

  1. They both look bomb!! I want to try them both but I need something else besides cashews since I’m allergic to them.

  2. I made the cacio e pepe recipe first and — whoa. Hands down the best sauce I’ve ever made. I will never … ever ever ever go back to a dairy based cream sauce EVER

  3. I just absolutely adore your recipe👍I’m a lover of pasta, and I’m happy I found other options than the usual, I love the first pasta with mushrooms

  4. I’m italian and i don’t know what the fuck “ROTINI” are… they are called FUSILLI in Italy ahah great video btw

  5. This looks awesome girl! I can’t wait to try these, my daughter LOVES mushrooms. She’ll be 2 in February of 2021.

    What was the intro song? I dig it.

    Thanks again!

  6. Would the first pasta dish (mushrooms) work well with your cashew cream as opposed to coconut yogurt? Thanks!

  7. I make up a batch of sauteed garlic, tomatoes, and zucchini with Herbes des Provence, and smoked paprika. I will add a bit of stock or a splash of white wine to this and then toss in some hummus which thickens it up beautifully and really enriches the dish. Then I toss in some soba noodles which I had cooked earlier. Yum.

  8. I just made the pepper sauce and loved it!!! Thank you!!! I would personally recommend to not go beyond 1/2 table spoon of pepper corns though 🙂

  9. If you heat olive oil instead of being a healthy oil it becomes a toxic one, I use coconut oil to saté and then add the olive oil at the end. That is the correct healthy way to do it. Cheers!

  10. After making this recipe, it came out sour. Is there anyway that I can get the sour taste away or is this stroganoff pasta suppose to taste sour?

    1. I’m guessing it’s the yogurt you used. Try adding a bit of sweetness to it to counter balance the sourness.

    2. @Simply Quinoa hmmm is it suppose to be sour? If I don’t use yogurt what else can I use. I added sugar but it was now sweet and sour which is odd.

  11. I made Cacio E Pepe for our lunch today and this is so delicious. My husband loves it too. Thanks for the recipe.

  12. I tried the first pasta and added some vegan shrimp. It came out great. I used cayenne pepper instead of black pepper and whew. It’s a little spicy but still good 🥵

  13. I bet instead of the yogurt you could just add coconut milk like the thick cream on from a can I love that stuff

  14. I’m going to make the mushroom pasta for my parents. I want to show them that being vegan isn’t that bad.

  15. Hi, I tried out this recipe but my pasta turned out tasting kind of plain, does anyone know the solution to fix it?
    P.s I used Greek yoghurt instead of coconut yoghurt because I couldn’t find any at my local grocery store

  16. I made the Cacio e Pepe pasta first. I enjoyed it but I think it needs another ingredient to give it more flavor. I love the concept of making sauce out of cashews. It’s intriguing and very healthy.

  17. Here I am, back to make the mushroom stroganoff for a 2nd time. It was SO GOOD last time. All my kids loved it! My husband didn’t get to try it though and he is not vegan, so if he likes it, that is a HUGE win because the plan is to get my whole family eating vegan not just me. Also, I wanted to say, the last time I made this, I didn’t have any vegan yogurt because it is hard to find it here without nuts in it and my son is deathly allergic to all nuts, so I just used full fat coconut milk that I refrigerated and separated the fat from the liquid and just used the thick fat to make the sauce creamy and it worked perfectly. I know I could make my own yogurt but this was just way easier. Anyhow, I always love your recipes. Some of your soups are my favorite! Thanks for the great vegan meals that I can get my family to eat.

  18. I absolutely LOVE pasta, but I’m a vegetarian and I feel that sometimes all I eat are carbs. I didn’t even know there was such as thing as bean-based pasta that’s full of protein. I’m so happy I watched this and I can’t wait to try it out!

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