My Full Training Split as a CROSSLIFTR (Bodybuilding /Crossfit/Strength&Conditioning)

One thought on “My Full Training Split as a CROSSLIFTR (Bodybuilding /Crossfit/Strength&Conditioning)

  1. Shoulder issues…. knee problems…coupled with a compulsion to train…. judging by your schedule you are overtraining…you seem
    to have a psychological obsession with working out.

    It is highly questionable whether doing multiple workouts 6 days a week is actually necessary for a non-professional athlete… you are setting an unrealistic example for people.

    Most of your audience want to make gains either in terms of muscle building or in terms of strength or in terms of general fitness…. mixing every conceivable training modality together in the same bag and doing a bit of everything with very little time for muscle and CNS recovery is not leading to gains in ANY particular discipline. Fact! You are feeding your own personal neurosis with your workouts but there is no rhyme or reason for your schedule. People would do better not to follow this kind of advice.

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