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    1. I went planr based after being a massive meat eater but did a veg juice fast first for 30 days no solids just 80% veg juice 20% fruit juice try doing that 🤣. And honey some eat it some dont. Loving all the videos by the way.

  1. We actually do force bees to make honey for us by clipping the wings of the queen bee. Bees produce honey in the presence of a queen bee

  2. Best natural remedy for bloating due to veges and the beets is simple lemon and ginger honey tea drinks half an hour post meals. Beware. Look out for a safe place for the bowel gas bomb explosion after the drinks. 😂

  3. No, you did not fail the vegan challenge, just because of the honey. There are substitutes though that are vegan, for future reference.

    I like that you aknowledged, as a Doctor, that being vegan can be healthy, if you do it right, while at the same time aknowledging that there are other healthy diets, too. Because honestly? Trash talking other diets isn’t going to help people deciding to become vegan.

    For me, vegan was never restrictive. Then again, I did live accidentally vegan for years before that and never cared much for dairy products and even less for meats. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I used to eat meat and dairy products (as a kid I drank a LOT of milk), but when I was forced to stop it because it was too expensive and because I didn’t want to eat animals anymore and try to cut back on plastic, I never missed it- not even once. The one exception for quite a while was cheese…and sweets. Even there, I was mostly just going “oh yeah, I used to love that cheese” or “stop putting a plate with those sweets right in front of my nose!”

    All that being said, while I personally think vegan is the best diet for me, I have no right to tell other people what to eat.

    I do deserve the right to demand animal rights though. You want to eat meat/other animal products? Fine, as long as I don’t have to eat it. You do not have to be vegan. But you have to take care to buy meat and dairy products that come from happy and well cared for animals. Ones that did not have to suffer.

  4. He loves the Mediterranean diet! 😃 I am not shaming. And being vegan can be a challenge. But you did it! Great video ❤️

  5. Excessively eating plants and beans causes farting. When those foods are digested methane gas is produced as a by product. Everyone farts but when you’re only eating plants and beans it’s particularly noticeable since the amount of farting is proportionate to the amount of those food intake.

    1. 11:59
      Pro tip : changing diet is like a GREAT DYING for you gut. Meat eating bacteria cause you gut to send pain signals into the brain and go extingt, but the plant eating bacteria thrive and make a new Micro-biome. I have the oposit Problem my bacteria and my brain hate meat because i eat vegan my whole life.

  6. The problem with all these premade vegan options is that they’re all processed. So yeah, you would definitely have gas and bloating. Those foods are not good for your body, even though they’re”vegan”

  7. Hi, I’m new here. Do you have any videos about how pandemics can start because of cruelty towards animals?

  8. I went vegan, because I almost had cancer in my uterus, because of the hormonal unbalance that eating animals provoque me. I went vegan and my hormones were back in their normal track in a month. I didn’t need any surgery to remove the cancerous cysts. When I was an omnivore I couldn’t menstruate for 7 months, and after 1 month of being vegan I could finally bleed, and my body healed… Veganism save me from cancer. And I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m thriving. I have been vegan for 8 years now, my hair is knee length thanks to all the vitamins a plant based diet offers. I used to have severe acne, and my face completely healed by going vegan 🥺❤️

  9. honey: its the CirCLe of Life
    wait, doesn’t honey start out as “nectar” from a “flower” / plant.

  10. Honestly I could never do the vegan thing fish and seafood and I have such a long relationship I am about to get a divorce red meat though I could totally go without

  11. Dr. Mike: *Doesn’t eat meat or dairy for 30 days*
    Gut bacteria: “……..and I took that personally”

  12. It’s difficult to follow vegan if u do abruptly..
    I have been ever since I was born.. 😂😅.. And in India vegans and vegetarians enjoy heaven due to its veggie centered food… 😍

  13. It drives me insane when folks say you have to PLAN YOUR MEALS when you’re vegan! I also HATE when folks thing vegan is eating vegetables ONLY. Dr. Mike in your opening you did not mention grains: Oatmeal, pasta etc. Those make up the bulk of my calories as a vegan (7 years now). If I only ate vegetable or fruit, I’d be starving all day! You said “restrictive.” I didn’t know what food was or the many choices of foods that actually exist until I became vegan. Meat diets are very restrictive in the sense that when most folks who eat meat have meat, have it 3 or more times a day however, its always the same 4 or 5 animals out of the 1000s of animals that exist! That’s restrictive. Meat eaters to have to take supplements even for B12. The ugly truth of the matter is that eating dead animals and abusing animals in the way that we’ve been doing with factory farming and fishing is going to lead us to our death. I mean talk about Karma….. we ravage the earth to produce all these animals which in turn give us the majority of our chronic diseases. Then we try to find cures for all these chronic illness when most of them come from eating the animals in the first place. On top of that the Earth become less and less inhabitable for all the beings who live on this paper thin layer in which life as we know it exists on this planet

    1. Depends
      Not every body is the same some have eating disorders, others allergies to nuts and soy.
      Plz don’t be a vegan that exiles eating disorders like it’s not real.

  14. 2 guys in my advanced table service class went vegan for a whole semester because of our professor… It took some real work but they hit it hard . He was amazing making almost squid 🐙 that was just mushrooms. And I mean I definitely learned how to make pulled pork out of mushrooms….

    BTW : I love your attention to the life-style stuff.

  15. Not a good start: “You can follow a vegan diet. Eat vegan burgers, with sugary sodas, with gummy candies. Still be vegan.”
    Gummy candies are not vegan. Gelatin is made from boiled animal carcasses. This little throw-away line already shows that you don’t have much experience with this.
    “Some of the loudest voices in the vegan community are quick to say that veganism is the only healthy option” and then you go on to talk about the Mediterranean Diet as a preference. Is there any mutual exclusivity between these two diets? Yes. Some. (Animal products.) But there is far more overlap. The Mediterranean Diet is healthy because it is so loaded with vegan foods.

    The question is NOT “Can you name a different diet from a book title which is also totally full of fruits and veggies?”

    Let’s ask a different question: “Does one require the animal products in order to get the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet?” (Hint* The answer is no.) Is there something magical about fish and olive oil (whoops! Olives are vegan) that means that you are only crediting the animal products for the healthfulness of the Mediterranean Diet? Can one still label one’s diet “Mediterranean” without the octopus? The oceans are very polluted at this point. I would say the Mediterranean Diet is healthy DESPITE the mercury-laden fish, because it is so full of fruit and veg.

    Can one be very healthy incorporating animal foods in one’s diet? Yes. Certainly. But is it a necessity? Because all of that comes at a tremendous cost. Ethically. From the perspective of sustainability. Feeding the planet. Environmentally. (Cattle ranching is what drives the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest just as a single example.) Animal products are tremendously costly to the environment. Do we need them to be healthy? (Hint* Again, the answer is no.)

    Is it possible to be completely healthy and strong without slaughtering our fellow Earthlings and the natural world? (Hint* The answer is yes.)

    1. Imagine getting mad at a random guy who try’s to promote a what is called a true healthy lifestyle. Vegetarian isn’t a bad lifestyle, some people don’t know that gummy candies aren’t vegan do you think we’re a knowledgeable like you, No.

  16. IDK why it’s so difficult for Dr. Mike. I’ve been doing it for 10 years, and was vegetarian for 40 years before that. I think if you give yourself time to ease into a vegan diet, you can figure out ways to get all the nutrients you need, and never miss meat. I don’t have the flatulence problem Dr. Mike had. I had to give up dairy due to allergies, and I hate eggs (which always smell like chicken coops to me), so I went totally vegan. At first I missed certain things, like feta cheese and yogurt, but there are now decent plant-based substitutes for those. Also, I live in an area (about 90 minutes south of Dr. Mike) where most restaurants offer vegan options, so eating out is easy for me.

  17. Bees are actually not treated well to get honey that’s why i don’t eat it. Cutting the wings off a queen bee so the colony can’t leave? That’s animal abuse 🙃 how hard is it to swap honey for agave? This seems like a really stupid decision to make for this video 😂

    1. There’s research showing the benefit of honey for colds and upper respiratory tract infections. Agave doesn’t have those benefits. The honey wasn’t added for sweetness in this case. It’s because it’s a better treatment for colds than many medications.

  18. I love you Dr Mike, but yeah you were totally right in saying you do need to think ahead when vegan.
    There are lots of unhealthy fast and easy options like dominoes, Burger King, McDonald’s, kfc etc doing vegan options. Eating out in most places now it’s easy to call and ask to be accommodated or find an “accidentally vegan” dish, especially if in most big cities but travelling a lot I’ve found a lot of options even in the most remote little islands.
    Calorie/ strength wise I personally manage 2500 calories a day, strength conditioning 3 times a week and cardio after being a double transplant patient. It’s a huge lifestyle change so takes a few months to work out where to get calories from without eating junk.
    GI wise it’s a fibre increase issue so maybe not going in too hard and then increasing slowly helps as well as rinsing your beans, it’s been known to reduce symptoms 🙂
    It’s not for everyone and doesn’t suit some people’s lifestyle but it’s always good to see people try new things and eating more plant based options.

  19. I call this BS. We are talking about being veg, not building a rocket here. Boy if you really wanna be a vegetarian, go live with a Hindu family for 6 months, learn from them how to cook then you will realize how to be a vegetarian.
    I said vegetarian which includes milk. Those who say getting milk is bad for cows don’t understand animals at all. Typical western mindset. They touch any good thing and turn it into bad.

  20. I tried this once I’m never gonna try to again because I almost killed my dietician literally but I did lose 20 pounds though but what do I do it again never

  21. I had to laugh cause a couple of my friends who are Vegan have honey with their tea. They must not know and I’m not going to tell them. I want them to continue enjoying their tea and I don’t believe it’s going to hurt them.

  22. Ur thrive ad popped on in the middle of the video. Stop interrupting yourself!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 jk jk 😜

  23. i wanna see you tackle the ethics of veganism. coming from someone who used to think it was totally illogical but now believes it myself, you seem like ,with a bit of time for thought, you’d agree with it. (especially with how much you love Bear 🥺)

    also in my (and many others’) cases the vegan farts go away after a month or two 😂

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