51 thoughts on “Vegan Recipes That I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

  1. By the way the first latina on Disney was Christina Aguilera on the Mickey Mouse Club and America Ferrera so stop claiming you are the first which you are not.

  2. I know that u are vegan but like if u cook for your family I am from New Orleans so u should try dirty rice with cauliflower rice

  3. Hello beautiful!!!! I have a favorite burner too. Thank you for this video. 🤗❤☕🥞🍎🥂

  4. Just tried these! Omg delicious 😋! Thanks for sharing. I managed to mine a little fluffy don’t ask me how, because each pancake came out different but all taste yummy. And instead of your apple compote I added blueberries. I’m kinda with you on the no syrup thing I prefer coconut whipped cream. Trader Joe’s carries it. 🤗😘💗

  5. Hi Adrienne I love your real talk show as well as all things Adrienne.i am an Indian, a vegetarian by birth and by choice .90% of Indian vegetarian food are vegan as well . please check out indian vegan recipes online, ,I am sure you are going to love them.Try Tarla dalal recipe, try hebbars kitchen for plant based recipes they are not only tasty , they are nutrition rich power packed food items

  6. That looks so delicious, thanks for the tip. I’m trying to go vegan, I’m finding it hard… any suggestions on how to stay with being vegan.

  7. Hi adrienne, i have a question, where do you buy your dresses? I Loooooove your style and dresses you make to do your videos.

    1. Everything the human body needs comes from plants. A plant based diet is the healthiest and most sustainable.

  8. I love Avocados! I also eat it out of the skin and so does my toddler boy since he could eat solid food….🥑

  9. I may be the only Latina that HATES, HATES, HATES avocado! Which makes being a vegan difficult. It is the texture that I can’t get past. Oh well.

  10. As nice as she is to watch, being vegan can actually be soooo much simpler and cost effective (and still healthy) than what is shown in this video.

  11. I eat those…Beyond meat! Yasss! I eat plant based breakfast sausage, chicken nuggets and fingers and the crumble. I can’t eat beef so it’s pretty tasty.

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