56 thoughts on “NO-COOK VEGAN MEALS » for the summer heat

  1. Thank you! I’ve been feeling lazy about meal preping because of the heat. These sound delicious!

  2. I was looking for no cook recipes that were easy to make but yet delicious,and these fit the bill..it’s summertime here where I live now,and don’t want to use the stove or microwave..I’m not vegan but I’m trying to eat healthier and these recipes sound and look so good 😊

  3. My American ass was so confused when she was saying it was hot in the mid 30’s because I measure in Fahrenheit 😂

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  5. 3:16 OMG u literally cut like a ninja. 😯😵
    BTW I’m in Lahore, Pakistan and it’s 30 of June so it’s pretty 🔥 😳😱

  6. I’m not even vegan – but your recipes are awesome and inspiring! I’ll be trying each of these with my family. Thanks!

  7. Great video..I’ve been food prepping at 4 am so I can do the oven when it’s cool. These will save me some early mornings.😁

  8. I’ve tried the chickpea salad, and it kind of reminded me of when I used to make a quick tuna corn salad. Kind of brings out similar flavours. Anyone tried the vegetable rolls yet? I’ve never seen rice paper in supermarkets

    1. Found rice paper in SuperValu near me. They tasted great, but disintegrated completely and I was eating it like a salad..

  9. This is perfect thank you! I feel the exact same way about cooking in the summer but hadn’t had the time to plan so this just became my shopping list for the weekend

  10. Hi Sadia. Amazing! And yummy looks to me. I have gluten intolerance and the same with dairy, I can not have soya as well as I am on hormones and I do not feel well after eating it. I also do not meat only fish. I am looking for sth extra to learn to eat to be honest as sometimes it is frustrating having no idea but my stomach is making rumbling noises:(( Any ideas?

  11. By the way I love your kitchen I am a vegetable and fruit eater your meals are so simple enable look really good I love vegetables

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