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  1. Hello! I want to make this recipe, but I don’t know how to use grams!! Please convert it to cups, ounces, tablespoons, teaspoons, etc!. I tried to convert it online but the dough was way too sticky and wet and didn’t come out right. I had to use almost double to flour so I don’t know if it is going to ruin the recipe?
    Also, did you use bread flour or regular flour?? Was the water in the beginning warm or cold?? Why is your water mixture so white?? Every time I do this, it turns a light brown color! Is it because of my yeast? What yeast do you use?? Is it active or instant??
    PLEASE give more details to your recipe. I have been trying for so long to make bread and it just never seems to come out right!! There’s too many variables!! Thanks

  2. Why dont use Cups measurement which is more easier. Honestly i dont like this grams things kind of measuring.

  3. Ive tried to make bread many times but failed until i followed your video. The bread came out soft and fluffy. Thank you!! Cat wait to try your other recipe

  4. Ur bread queen seriously thnkuu soso much for such exact wonderful receipes , i hv tried ur two thr bread receipes thy came out damn gud not like u 😁😁 but still gud for me 🤗🤗vl try dis soon thnkuu so.much mommy😍😍😘😘

  5. first time made then it turns out good! will continue to bake it using this recipe!! thanks so much for sharing this recipee

  6. thank you for the recipe. My mom likes bread but she’s allergic to eggs and milk
    I make bread for my mom from this recipe
    and my mom is very happy 😍

  7. 2nd time making this – and my advice is to make 2-3 x the recipe – it’s a lot of work for such a small portion and you’ll regret not making more! It’s delicious!

  8. 레시피 보자마자 바로 만들어봤는데 너무 간단한 재료네요. 올리브오일 향이 강한데. 빵은 너무 부드럽고 맛있어요ㅡ 다음번엔 올리브를 넣어 만들어 보려구요~ 레시피 감사합니다

  9. I find the scent of olive oil overpowering. Can this be replaced with regular canola oil or butter?

  10. 진짜 대박이에요! 딴 레시피보다 훨씬 더 쉽고 간단하고 발효도 너무잘되서 파는식빵같아요!
    카스테라 매번실패해서 베이킹할 기분이 안났었는데 식빵이 이렇게 잘되니 넘 행복해용:)♡ 다른 영상도 보고 구독도하고 할거에요! 강추강추♡

  11. pls help, I followed this recipe completely and my bread was doughy in the middle and not soft idk what I did wrong

    1. It might be because there are different types of flour. There is bread flour and all-purpose flour. You might have made the same mistake I just did and used all-purpose flour. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t specify the type of flour. (I didn’t even know there were different types until today!)

  12. I tried this recipe and it was really wonderful with exact ingredients I advise everyone to do it

    لقد قمت بتجربة هذه الوصفة وكانت حقاً رائعة بمقادير مضبوطة انصح الجميع بعملها 👌

  13. 트위터 지인이 레시피 올려줘서 왔어요. 빵은 잘 안 만드는데 이건 꼭 시도해 보고 싶네요 ㅎㅎㅎ

  14. 구워지긴 굉장히 잘 구워졌는데… 전 빵 위에 구움색?을 내고 싶어서 계란물 발랐더니 뽕긋하던 식빵 윗부분이 폭닥 가라앉아버렸어요ㅋㅋㅋㅜㅜㅜㅠㅡㅠ 조금 아쉽긴 하지만.. 오늘도 욕심내지 말자는 교훈을 얻고 갑니다 좋은 레시피 감사했습니다!!

  15. Tried the recipe today only and it went pretty well 😋😋💯💯🔥🔥✌️✌️, the main that issue when i made bread from different youtube channels was that the bread had a too overpowering taste, but in this recipe it was balanced, soft and spongy 😋😋

  16. 안녕하세요
    오늘 너무 맛있게 성공했어요! 레시피 올려주셔서 감사해요…ㅎㅎ
    집에 우유가 없어서 이레시피 보고 따라했는데
    혹시 올리브오일 대신 버터를 넣어도 될까요?
    버터향이 저한텐 더 좋은거 같아서요
    아니면 올리브오일이랑 버터를 같이 넣어야하나요?

  17. Water 180 g
    Instant Dry Yeast 6 g
    Sugar 24 g
    Salt 6g
    Olive Oil 25 g
    Bread Flour 300 g

    Bake 170 – 180 c, 20-25 min

    Ingredients 0:40
    Baking temp n time 5:34

  18. 좋은 레시피 감사합니다!! 오늘 비건식빵 구워봤는데 제빵기에서도 맛있게 잘 됐어요!

  19. ➡️콜로소에서 ‘따라만 하면 성공하는 마미오븐 집빵’ 온라인 클래스를 오픈했습니다 .많은 관심 부탁드려요😍😉🤩💖

  20. I followed your recipe exactly yesterday and the bread turned out wonderful. I am beyond excited as my previous 2 attempts at bread making wasn’t great although still edible. Yours was soft and fluffy, exactly as per your video.

  21. 오븐 굽기 시간이 영상에 있는 자막과 더보기란에 있는 설명이 다른데 굽기시간은 어떤게 맞는건가요?ㅠㅠ

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