50 thoughts on “HEALTHY VEGAN NO BAKE DESSERTS ‣‣ easy to make!

  1. Just made these. My attempt was far from perfect because I ended up short of chocolate for the lat 3, I think I burned the choc mix as it went a tad grainy but, my god they’re delicious! And next time I make them they’ll be better than this attempt. xxx

  2. The written recipe states 1/4 cup maple syrup which is added to the chocolate with the coconut oil, this isn’t mentioned in the video.

  3. Can i use another typer of oil?? Like olive oil eg Coconut oil in my city is really hard and expensive to get if you need it for cooking :C

  4. Can you sub coconut oil for a different oil? I don’t like coconut oil but I’m afraid another oil won’t produce the same results. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  5. What annoys me is people who just label food as ‘healthy’ without having any evidence or very little knowledge as to why it is good for you. I’m afraid that coconut oil is NOT good for you at all.

  6. Tried following your recipe but the chocolate, syrup and oil mix ended up turning into a thick paste. Any pointers as to why that happened?

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  8. 3 2 1 sing! Eating animals is wrong McDonalds hurting animals is wrong McDonalds share this song and change your entire menu and be vegan from now on

  9. I tried the key lime pie and the cherry ball and they were delicious. I added mixed essence to the cherry balls as well ❤

  10. So I just discovered quinoa flakes. If anyone wants an oat or nut alternative for crust or even filling, add in some quinoa flakes. Mild flavour.

  11. Hi I would like to try the key lime no bake bars. Do we have to soak the cashews in the hot water or cold water?

  12. Why is store bought chocolate seen as unhealthy but adding something healthy to the chocolate it’s suddenly healthy? Okay it’s dark chocolate but that’s only healthier than milk chocolate and doesn’t make it healthy.

  13. WOW!!! YOU TALK SOOO FAST!! If I didn’t know what Quinoa was, i would not know what you were saying.
    Please slooow down. 😟
    I really want to try a cpl of these recipes. They look delish!

  14. Bonsoir c est top tea videos super domage que c est pas traduit en francais et les mesures des ingredient ca serait super de traduit merci

  15. Why not using peanut butter like the original recipe? And why adding coconut oil? That only makes them melty and oily

  16. Where was I when these recipes were coming in existence and where was I when these became very much available on YouTube.. thanks a ton, I was in a need of dairy-free n sugar free desserts ❤️

  17. For the first one if you want them to not melt at room temperature you can temper the chocolate it make the chocolate more solid (like chocolate you can buy in grocery store) plus you don’t have to add oil or butter in the chocolate

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