59 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver’s Game-Changing VEGETARIAN Cottage Pie | Jamie’s Meat-Free Meals

  1. Made this last night did not have lentils so used kidney beans wow it was lovely a keeper recommend it

  2. Made this today and it’s amazing!!! Added parsnip to the veg and a little creme fresh and garlic to the potatoes. Incredible recipe!!! Jamie Oliver you’re a genius as always!!!

  3. Meat free meals…… It would be great to see cruelty free meals. What about a VEGAN cottage pie Jamie, it’s so easy to make a cruelty free VEGAN cottage pie.

    1. @Shabadoo Vegetarian is not an ethical position, it still supports animal cruelty, but the bizzare thing is that most vegetarians don’t eat meat because they care about animals, while simultaneously paying someone to harm and kill animals………

      Also, with covid 19 being a zoonotic disease, isn’t it about time we stopped farming animals? I say this because animal agriculture, and the filthy conditions the animals live in creates the perfect breeding ground for disease. Yet the majority of people are still funding this industry, and therefore funding the next pandemic.

      Those that promote the consumption of animal products are unethical on multiple levels. Mr Oliver should be aware of this.

    2. @Simon Smith I’m aware of all of this and make changes where I can. I’m sure Jamie is aware of this and gets the best possible ethical dairy as possible.

    3. ​@Shabadoo There is no such thing as ethical dairy. Cows need to have babies to produce milk, just like we do. Cows are forcibly impregnated by having a human put their arm in to the cows anus, and then a straw full of bull semen (I’ll let you imagine how they obtain the semen from the bull) is injected in to her vagina, all of this is done without consent. Do that to a human, then it’s called rape, do that to a dog and you’d be call some kinda sick f*** , but do that to a cow, and suddenly this action becomes ethical?

      Once her baby is born, they will be taken from her, obviously the farmers don’t want the calves drinking the milk because the farmer wants to sell that to us. If the baby is female, she will be raised like her mother to be a milk machine, but if the baby is male, then he will either be raised for veal, and killed within a month or two, or he’ll be shot dead within a day or two of being born. Male cows don’t produce milk so are considered waste to the dairy industry.

      She will be constantly impregnated in order to maximise milk yield, but once the yield slows, normally within 4-5 years, she will be killed and turned in to burgers.

      So, the dairy industry is the meat industry, and in my view, worse because the cows suffer for years before being killed.

      Dairy is both unnecessary and cruel, and very easy to avoid.

    4. @Simon Smith you’ve clearly never heard of the ethical dairy farms where the babies aren’t taken away from the mothers but still produce milk.

    5. ​@Shabadoo Those farms are few and far between, the majority of dairy comes from factory farms, or traditional farms where the males calves are not profitable so are killed.

      Also, the cows still need to be forcibly impregnated to produce milk, which is never ethical. Plus there is the fact that we exploit cows, and it’s completely unnecessary, we don’t need to do this to them, and it’s easily avoided.

      There is also the point about zoonotic disease. Clearly creating covid 19 is not ethical, SARS is not ethical, MERS is not ethical, BSE (vCJD) is not ethical, HIV is not ethical, swine flu is not ethical, avian flu is not ethical, and covid 23, 27, 31 etc. will not be ethical, but will certainly happen if we continue to farm animals.

      Dairy is not ethical no matter how you look at it.

  4. Se ve tan delicioso, y el cheff tan conversador. ¡que pena que no tiene subtítulos ni traducción! Les sugiero que lo enmienden. . Abrazo desde Argentina

  5. When I went veggie over a year ago my psoriasis cleared up for the first time in over 15 years so looking for recipes again going back veggie defo trying this 👍

  6. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my veges, but when the title says it is vegetarian and has it written in bold I just scroll on. FFS quit fukcing virtue signalling and get on with it.

  7. That looks really good – I guess I’ll have to watch it again so I can WRITE DOWN the recipe. Really? You don’t publish them??

  8. I have made this several times now and I love it. I don’t like Marmite so I use a stock cube instead. Very happy to find a recipe with no garlic 🥳. I absolutely loathe it and it is seriously overused these days. As a vegetarian it’s difficult to find things without garlic in. Anyway, I love this recipe 😊

  9. I made this cottage pie. It looked amazing. We really didn’t like the celariac, for us it spoiled the dish. May be next time I will make it with just chopped celery.

  10. These videos from famous chefs always contain a 1.000 ingridients I never even heard of before, and I kinda think are almost imposible to find in a normal supermarket….

  11. Tonight’s dinner; stuck to core recipe; added little pepper and cayenne for little heat and also 2 crushed pods of garlic with the vegetable… and added cooked lentils ( not canned)… delicious! Well done Jamie Oliver! U get 2 brownie points

  12. Jamie Oliver loves doing three things. 1) Ruining traditional recipes. 2) Ruining bakeware. 3) Ruining kids school lunches.

  13. I made this and it is marvelous. Well, I made a modified version not being able to obtain Vegemite and not knowing what to substitute, I used chicken bullion. Never heard of the celery root or swede and must say what a great find! Savory!

  14. Wait, aren’t you supposed to cover the top with cheddar cheese until you can’t see anything underneath?


  15. Made this last night, absolutely devine. You will never know there is no meat in this dish, thank you so much for this dish, it will be a family favourite.

  16. Neither Marmite nor Vegemite are sold in Germany. I wonder if I could use traditionally brewed Soy sauce instead.

  17. You’re amazing. Thank you for helping me become a great cook. Your recipes are all so yummy. Thank you again.

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