50 thoughts on “🍂 EASY AUTUMN 4 DAY VEGAN MEAL PREP 🍂 with full measurements

  1. I was just thinking I wanted to make a homemade granola for my yogurt in the mornings and you’ve given me the perfect recipe!

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  4. I’m 46 seconds into this video and I had to stop because DAMN! GIRL! THAT TOP LOOKS GOOD AF ON YOU! YOUR SKIN IS POPPIN IN THOSE TYE DYE COLORS!

  5. I eat apple cinnamon oatmeal from scratch every morning & seeing the first recipe, I’m sold!!! Where can I find the measurements??

  6. I just discovered you 🤗. I can’t wait to use your recipes. I’m posting this during COVID times. Bless you for sharing with us.

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  8. All that fruit in the morning is not good for you it ferments inside you! 🤢 also no way could I eat it cold not good for Vata types!

  9. I really enjoy your videos but because you are not giving us the recipes I am unfollowing. It’s really too bad.

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    1. Also I need a sub stooge miso thank you. I love your videos, I want to try this 4 day plan, but it’s about the salt content I am trying to lower my blood pressure.

  11. You and your recipes are great but sincerely it is difficult to cut them without a proper guide. Which is the temperature of the oven and how long keep the brocoli and kale into the oven?😯

  12. The husky field subjectively mug because interviewer developmentally smell upon a melted taste. slippery, trashy cooking

  13. Hello Rachael Alma
    Dinner tonight was your jerk tacos 🌮 I made chicken for my hubby tacos with cabbage delish…the avocado 🥑 sauce was brought out the jerk seasoning balanced well oh and for lunch I also had your delicious vegan noodles 🍜 with the veggies I love sautéing all the colorful veggies was so good 👍
    Thank you for your inspirational vegan meal and All praises to the most high for nurshiment 🙏….

  14. Why are you not writing all the receipt so that we can learn, because we wash your cooking but too bad no list

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  17. You changed the game with that berry crumble.
    Early morning, fresh out the fridge with a scoop of coconut yogurt!!!
    Come on!🤤😍

  18. Not eating MEAT was done to make people ill, look at the state of people now, and this is all fake to make you think it’s OK

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