49 thoughts on “FULL DAY OF EATING VEGAN with EASY RECIPES! What I eat to stay lean!

  1. The thought of animal products is making me so so sick, its been 3 weeks and my diets been everywhere trying to eat clean and vegan but this was soooo useful thankyou! going to buy all of these products tomorrow 🙂

  2. You kinda look like Christian Serratos (Rosita on the walking dead/ grown up Suzy Crabgrass from Ned’s declassified school survival guide lol)

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  4. Unfortunately, i couldn’t see the food. Imo the focus was drawn to something other than the food, so please be so kind to tell me what she actually used as ingredients.

  5. Hi, how I’m can be vegan want to lose weight not eat meat every day? Can you please help me I’m want to know 🙂🙏❤️💕💕

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  7. Everything is ok, but is not tasty watching the food preparation with sooo open breast

  8. Hey tasty bianc – oven tray – mixed nuts **almonds, hazelnuts, kashews, etc
    Cranberries – and condensed milk ** 🙏vegan spin sugar and milk alternative boiled slow **

    Baker the nuts and Cranberries for 20 mins etc on medium low — then add the milk syrup allow to cool cut and serve or mix and make small shapes and plate in fridge til needed

    A BAKE BIANCA TASTER 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  9. I love that these are simple and easy! I am vegan but my husband and kids are not. I always need to make quick meals just for myself. Can’t wait to try these ❤️

  10. She’s ok cook I like how she doesn’t use oil and sugar. I’ve been vegan for 5ys and have breezed through I exercise a lot but I struggle with tightness ( I imagine the same as a meat eater / ie. the effort level is high so … ) I’m looking for meals that are less spicy ( I love spice! ) because of complexity the breakdown process. I’m thinking more meals, simpler, more compositions in the less components. But the right ones ie lentils are good. Fuck it am bored beans on toast hola

  11. Hello! 😊 Does anyone smart and good cook know is there any other option to margarine for vegan cooking? 🙈 Thank you for helping guys! 😊🙏🙂

  12. just remember, veganism is not just a diet, it’s a religion. Veganism is a movement of compassion for animals. It’s not just your healthy diet for your body, it’s a holistic movement to promote the respect for animals and for the environment. Real vegans also have been using non animal cruelty products and all. its a package to completely give up your normal life to promote other lives. It’s not easy and it’s not always ideal for others. It is a sacrifice.

  13. I always wonder why I must watch someone’s breasts poping out if all I came for is healthy recipes. It’s either shirtless guys or women with boobs out. Does everything must be sell with nudity? 😑

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