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  1. Oh I love sweet potatoes! They’re awesome in the oven (I’m definitely going to try some recipes with veggies on top of them, I’d just been using them as a simple side addition) or in stews (lentil stews with sweet potatoes and mushrooms is one of my favourite recipes). I still prefer “normal” potatoes when I want french fries, though.
    I like the avocado in that perfect “ripeness” too, but I do like using it when it’s a bit on the firm side for salads, like a mix of little square pieces of avocado, black eyed peas, seasoning it with herbs, a bit of salt and lemon juice.

    I’d also like to say I’ve only recently discovered your channel and I’m wowed by it all, the cooking, the editing, the ideas, the recipes, the way you explain everything, your voice being so soothing and friendly…I don’t even know what else! I love it! Thank you!

  2. prefer sweet potatoes for sure…Also the vegan instant pot cookbook is fantastic, probably my favorite of all time.

  3. I always ruined my sweet potatoes with marshmellows and butter, salt, brown sugar. So I will have to
    lower my threshold for over sweetening my sweet potatoes.

  4. I love this! Very helpful. As someone who tries to reduce food waste, I’m always looking for tips to make sure I’ve got what I need (and only what I need) in stock in my kitchen.

  5. PLEASE DONT REMOVE THE AVOCADO STUBS. I manage a produce department and this tip RUINS avocados. It allows air into the flesh and actually causes the browning that you’re looking for. Gentle squeeze is the best way to pick an avocado

    1. Thank you for informing us of that. I can imagine that it creates food waste when they have to be thrown away because makes them go bad quicker.

    2. Yes! This! I always get slightly unripe avocados and look for firm that have stems still attached. Once home I set them aside till softened THEN remove the stem, usually after 1-2 days, and refrigerate for up to 7 days.

  6. Regular potatoes are all time favourite food but I love sweet potatoes too. Depends on what I’m making.
    I wish I could eat kale 🙁 I love it so much but it always gives me a stomach ache

  7. I’m not vegan nor vegetarian but always tried to as I have digestive issues and intolerance. I did make most of from scratch, many western option is not cheap in Asia but also have many Asian food is cheaper. so far, your videos is more realistic than most of other vegan health idea.

  8. Nisha you’re the first vegan cooking channel I subbed to and I feel so lucky to have found you!!! You’re an amazing human hehehe you’re so cute , funny , and helpful!!

  9. Yams are not sweet potatoes. Very different nutrient profile which is so crucial in vegan diet.

  10. I love your list. Sweet potatoes or other potatoes, which do I like better? Yes. will be looking up a few of these (sweet potatoes, dark chocolate, almond butter or that frozen banana one). Your theory on lemon juice isn’t true, but if you like it is high in Vitamin C. However, lemon is a great ingredient. I prefer peanut butter, and Trader Joe’s has a great one–Valencia peanut butter. SO much better than the rest. PB fans should try.

  11. You’re right, girl. Sweet potatoes are 100% better than regular potatoes, though I love them too.

  12. I absolutely love your channel! You simplify each complex looking meal. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  13. When you said sweet potatoes are better than regular potatoes I almost left the video 😂

  14. I just bought your cook book. You are wonderful thank you for all hard work and information 💜

  15. in my country sweet potatos are expesive it can be AS MUCH AS 3,5 dollars per killo , so i dont buy them but i agree there are preatty nice

  16. I prefer Sweet Potatoes. Though Purple Potatoes give sweet potatoes a serious run for the favorite title.

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  18. 🌻🥦🌺🌞 Thank you. Your delicious whole foods have made me want to try a month of recipes without meat!

  19. Great list. I’d add cauliflower. My family loves blackened cauliflower which we use almost as a condiment and “creamy” soups that I make using a cauliflower and roasted garlic with onions and veg stock simmered and puréed as the base ( it has the same mouth feel).

  20. I have made so many vegan recipes over the years. Yours are the best. Every recipe works every time. Thank you! you are amazing! my sister and I love your food. Best of luck in all you do : )

  21. I just bought your cooking book and this morning I made the tofu scramble for breakfast. I also discovered the Indian Black Salt (which does taste like eggs). Your shopping bag is actually what we have been using in France for years! I have 2 of them and now Longchamp came out with their own version…..

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