53 thoughts on “10 ingredients, 3 effortless vegan meals | VEGAN MEAL PREP (+PDF guide)

  1. Thank you very much for your easy recipes with whole, natural foods. They are flavor-packed and healthy. Just a question, though; I live at 7,000 feet elevation and my beans don’t cook thoroughly sometimes. Based on your knowledge of Instant Pot cooking, you might have some insights. Thanks!!

  2. Thank you! I’ve shared this with a number of friends who are looking to eat well and save time during lockdown.

  3. Wow, these meals look amazing!! I’m not vegan, but I’m looking into it. I love all the ingredients you are using here. I plan to try this soon. Thanks, Nisha!!

  4. just as I was loosing creativity and was becoming tired of all the ingredients I buy and use every week, I find your channel!! Thank you, I don’t use most of these ingredients so I am excited to have something so easy yet different

  5. Great flavored recipes with simply ingredients. Can’t believe with only 8 ingredients can prepare such a variety in texture dishes.

  6. I have gone vegan a few months ago and your recipes (and I have tried a few) are always so easy to follow and yummy. You have made my transition so much easier and FUN! Thank you!

  7. Dammit. Is there a single recipe without cashews? I’m trying to eat ethically, and about to look elsewhere:(

  8. You do so much research, love your videos. How long does the Chickpeas last in the fridge in a glass container??

  9. Tried this and it was so good!! I especially loved the sweet potato meal, which was unexpected because I’m not usually a fan of sweet potatoes. Prepping everything in advance made the actual dinner night so quick and easy.

  10. This looks very tasty! The only thing I’m confused about is, do you eat everything cold? Or how do you reheat everything?

  11. I really love how easy this is and I am going to try it as well. It will save a lot of time preparing meals. And I’ve just become a new subscriber.

  12. absolutely love these type of videos! please make more. recently, I’ve switched to a mostly raw, whole food diet and I love the recipes you make!

  13. What are good chickpea replacements, besides hominy, I’m actually allergic to chickpeas and nutritional yeast?

  14. Hi, can you use raw cow farm milk in the cashew cream which will store for 5 days as opposed to vegan friendly milk. I’m not vegan but like the concept of your cooking and would like to incorporate dairy products into your recipes.

  15. So glad I found your channel Nisha. Big new fan here! Thank you for making this easy to understand even for some of us that do not like spending time in the kitchen.

  16. Nisha thank you!!!!! I’ve so far made your hummus and I’m so excited to try your cashew condiments!!!! Wowwwww! Fun food fun food!!!! I think I’ll use nettle for the pesto as I have lots in my garden! I adore your videos! Love from Ireland!

  17. I would definetly buy a meal prep book from you! The once I looked at really do not meet My needs like your recipes do!

    I just finished the mealprep in ONE hour with cleaning up! Amazing:D

  18. I happened to have all the ingredients for these meals and decided to give them a try and oh. my. Gosh…so good!! I wondered about the pesto on the sweet potato but it was delicious and ive eaten the wrap (minus the sweet potato cuz.i just keep forgetting it) for the last 2 days and could definately have it again.

  19. This was a great video….it was short sweet and to the point, and I appreciate all those qualities. The recipes are great and meal prep is what I really need. I will have to change the kale to spinach, it’s a little to rough for my fi right now, but I really appreciate the base ingredients you share here. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Just noticing Nisha doesn’t seem to respond to newer comments on older vids so I’m being helpful in her place.
      GF is gluten free.

  20. Really delicious!!! I can’t wait to try them. I would love to see more
    10 ingredient meals. Thank you for sharing.

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