54 thoughts on “5 INGREDIENT VEGAN MEALS | student friendly

  1. Guys I’m doing a live cooking show in Berlin Germany!!! 🇩🇪 come and watch me cook & meet me after!! Tickets here

  2. Making this for dinner today but I will cheat and use stock . What song is playing at 4:15? I hear this one a lot in his videos …. please tell me someone

  3. I am seriously impressed by the simplicity and i could actually taste the food.

    Thank you very much, i will be try this!

  4. I love your crazy complicated recipes but I’m also very passionate about cooking for my family and I’m a grandmother, lol, I’ve had some practice! However, my kids are all in their 20’s, crazy busy and think vegan cooking is too complex to be sustainable or affordable. Videos like this one are such a wonderful step for newbie cooks! Not only does it show them how easy it CAN be but then leads them to your other videos and gives them the confidence to try the more complex recipes. Thank you! I’ll most definitely be passing your channel along!!

  5. i love this ! ive been waiting for this one! i love your recipes but find it hard to make it sometimes, so im sooo happy! please make more like this!!! XOXO

  6. Please create a 5 (or so) ingredient cook book…for easy and quick everyday recipes…dinner is usually the biggest challenge for me…thank you…keep up the great work

  7. The pasta dish was super easy and tasted phenomenal. I added 2 to 3 cloves of garlic and it got even better. Must try.

  8. These are perfect recipes for my busy weekdays. Well done 👍🏻…. I love when you say “blitz “

  9. I miss making the pasta and Im will try the peach pie coz that’s my kids fav 😘🍜🥧Have a lovely day, Gaz !💋

  10. I’m definitely going to try these. I like simple and budget when it comes to food! Please do more of these?!

  11. Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t able to access your friends market. I don’t know why it goes to an app site

  12. I so look forward to your videos, these recipes look Amazing and simple! Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us…it’s always so much fun to try what you’ve made or become inspired by it and make something new!

  13. I will most likely never comment on your channel again but I’ve been watching for a few days and I must say, your food is so pretty. YUMMY! Thank you

  14. Oh Gaz, this is soo healthy! 😍🌱Good job!! 😉 I love these recipes 😇Continue being a blessing to everyone. ❤

  15. These are all my favourite dishes. So healthy, rich and it contains all the nutrients necessary to meet. Great recipes! Always a WINNER🏆🧡

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