1. I’m going to be starting my cut in March – wondering what you would recommend in terms of number of meals per day and macro ratios per meal. For example, I plan to start my day with oatmeal, flax, and blue berries to have a high carb, high fat breakfast, and then meals 2 and 3 have high protein, high fat, etc. Is there any ratios that you’ve found helpful so as to not have things like insulin spikes working against you? Thanks in advance

  2. I miss Trader Joe’s. This video almost made me wanna move back to the States. This is almost exactly what my grocery looked like

  3. Great video guys. I was searching vegan bodybuilding motivation and found your channel. I noticed you haven’t posted in a bit. Anyway cheers and thanks for tip with Chia seeds. You saved me nutrients and money that I would have wasted.

  4. Dude where is your quinoa? No one ever advertises quinoa and it鈥檚 such an amazing replacement for rice, a dozen more benefits than rice including protein and fiber , only drawback is more calories than rice but way healthier . Great video btw 馃憤

  5. AWESOME info, thank you!!! Please create more food videos, I’ve been a vegetarian for 5 years and want to go Vegan, but I LOVE cheese and ice cream 馃槶I appreciate all of your tips, and would love to learn more healthy, Vegan options. 馃檹

    1. Maybe try to transition. However often you have dairy now, let鈥檚 say it鈥檚 once a day, then pick let鈥檚 say 2 days a week that you either don鈥檛 have dairy or you have a vegan version. That will allow you to adjust psychologically (seems like it鈥檇 be a lot for you to give it up completely now) and also experiment w different substitutes before you completely go vegan if that is your true goal. I think vegan ice creams are good enough to satisfy especially when you consider how many brands and flavors are out there, or if you really don鈥檛 think those will do the trick, there鈥檚 company brave robot whose ice creams just hit the stores (stop n shop by me has them at just 3.50 right now) which uses fermentation to get real milk protein w/o using a cow. Look it up. Or you can make your own using a variety of bases: banana, coconut, cashews, and i even recently tried aquafaba based. There r other bases too. Cheeses still have some room to grow but there are some good ones out there. Chao slices and violife parmesan for example people seem to really enjoy if u have access to them locally, but everyone鈥檚 tastes are different so experiment. But dairy is scary for a variety of reasons so it鈥檚 a journey absolutely worth going on. You got this!

    2. @Dylan Schwarz Thank you so much for taking the time to write that, I really appreciate your suggestions! I think you’re right, starting off with replacing a meal at a time, and learning about what substitutes there are is a good way to transition. 馃檶馃挅馃グ

  6. I’m switching to vegan diet, I’m fed of this non veg diet, I feel stressed, heavy and bloated all time.

  7. This is a super high sugar diet. It will be interesting to see how long he lasts as a body builder, eating this way. Looks totally unappetizing to me. I hate soy and can’t tolerate it at all.

    1. he didn’t last long at all. The year this video was filmed he already dropped from top 10 to some where like 25th or 27th and then didn’t compete after.
      Getting your protein from tofu and dry powders was not a good way to go. At least meat eaters get micronutrients in the meat – all you get in tofu is the fat just like meat but no micro nutrients. Not that I’d ever eat meat – but tofu is worse for you in regards to building tissue. Eat some green peas, black beans, germinated chickpeas… he would have survived. Now he deleted his instagram posts and is hiding in shame some where.

    2. @Agni Das I don’t think being a vegan is a good idea for anyone. Vegan women have much higher rates of osteoporosis and bone fractures. Those are the facts, whether we like them or not.

  8. Yo brother do u want to come with me to real life it makes guys ripped and jacked its Andrew

  9. Pile of man made processed junk to destroy our health, nature and animals.
    None readily available in nature.

  10. Hi, I ve just learned about this vegan diet. Do u eat lentils in your diet? It cause lot of gaz. What about soy they say its all GMO?

  11. Actually you should be doing yogurt and probiotic foods for health………………..trust me….. You don’t want sibo or ibs .. if it starts, the vegan diet feeds those little demons.

  12. I really respect what you’re doing and I love watching your videos. I am just curious about when you did your trader Joe’s run and then you showed what vegetables you bought. I was looking at the packaging as you showed it and nothing was organic. I know you’re tofu was organic but if all the greens are eating or not organic then they’re not going to have a lot of good nutrients in them. They are probably going to have more toxins and pesticides than anything so instead of your body utilizing it your liver and kidneys are going to have to work overtime to process out the toxins. I am a holistic nutritionist and I am not putting you down by any means I just hope you switch more over to organic as much as possible especially when you’re eating fruits and vegetables. especially if you want to eat things with a minimal amount of ingredients in them they don’t have to put what’s in the pesticides on the label or there would be a huge list including heavy metals. I don’t eat 100% organic either but I always go for organic when it’s available and going to local farmers markets can yield some other freshest most nutritious food. Thank you for being such a great example in the vegan and bodybuilding community.

  13. If you ever get the chance to visit Portland Oregon, I suggest hitting up OTA tofu. It is the oldest tofu company in the US, they still make it by hand. Several restaurants also use this as their primary Tofu. Once you have this you will never go back.

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