59 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE Vegan Protein Powder Review (Top 19 Tested!)

  1. Hello guys! You must try RAW Nutritional Vegan Pro protein powder. They are awesome and offer 6 different flavors!!! Please review it!!

  2. Tried Garden of Life after this Video, it was great but the can was bigger than what was inside. It was like 1/4th filled

  3. Please make an updated video for 2021…I heard Green Beret vegan protein from Redcon1 is one of the best tasting proteins on the market.

  4. Absolutely love this video gents! I just had a question about Sun Warrior. I recently reached out to them about their heavy metal testing and they said they cannot disclose the certificate of analysis, but they did however give me guidelines (Proposition 65 Compliance) and said their product(s) falls well below those marks. Did you manage to get a certificate of analysis or was it a similar response? I also reached out to NOW about their organic pea protein and they said they cannot and started to “brag” about how large their company is. Makes me seems suspicious about them🤔

    1. Interested in to know about sun warrior as I & my fiancé both drink it daily. Didn’t even know about heavy metal being in proteins!

  5. This video definitely deserves more views. I was looking at purchasing Plant Fusion..this confirms it.

  6. Loved it. You guys are awesome. Do the same regarding PROTEIN BARS or ENERGY DRINKS.

  7. Wonderful video! I had blood work done and I’ve always been really low protein so I’m trying to incorporate it more so I can build more muscle and keep my body healthy! Now I know which ones have good flavor and nutrients ! 🙌🏻:D

  8. that would have been a great service to have displayed the heavy metal testings and ranked them. i don’t care about taste, i went through an entire manitoba pro 70 no problem at all.

    1. @Riya Sethi right now I am taking the nutribiotic pea protein, out of all the companies i emailed they seemed the most transparent(most didn’t even respond to me). Naked pea protein has very low numbers on heavy metals(so low It’s questionable how low it is) and they don’t display aluminum amount but i might be willing to try them. the nutribiotic vanilla pea protein taste good but made me gassy the first couple times, although my digestion adapted and i might try their rice one next. i also put hulled hemp seeds on most of my meals instead of taking the powder so i just eat the seeds since they taste very good in my opinion.

    2. @Riya Sethi I’m disappointed manitoba doesn’t give third party heavy metal results because i really like them. I will buy their hulled hemp hearts though, i bought the costco one last time and it seems all hemp comes from canada anyways. god bless

  9. I have the VEGAN SPORT Vanilla and it’d so Yummy 😋..I want it to try other flavor that’s why I came across your video..I guess I just stick to mine 😄

  10. I got acne problem with regular whey, was thinking to change to plant based protein. Thank you for the reviews guys, this is very helpful 👏

  11. The ora organic’s so lean so clean protein is Way better with the vanilla flavor, not a fan of the chocolate one it has a chalky taste but the vanilla is rich a creamy, not sure why the difference between the flavors

  12. Can you do a separate ranking for the proteins that have the highest amount of heavy metals for risk management purposes. It’s great that they provided their 3rd party analysis but does us as the viewers no good if we do not know what those analysis concluded.

    Also as part of the health ranking you should include additional nutrients that were added to the protein such as vitamins, chlorophyll, antioxidants, etc. As a vegan I want the most beneficial protein possible regardless of price and taste. I currently use Vivolife which is great for smoothies but disgusting in just plain water plus a smoothie is more nutritious anyway, but now I’m very concerned about the heavy metals and the fact that they didn’t disclose that information.

  13. How come you chose the artificial sweetener from True Nutrition if you were gonna dock them points? Why not just choose the Stevia based flavor option line since you customized the protein anyways…

  14. Great job guys!! Very helpful! I know this took large amount of time and I appreciate that!! I have only hit like on probably 30 vids ever and this is my only ever comment!! THANKS!!

  15. Thank you so much for doing this video. Helped me find the right protein powder and saved so much time <3

  16. You guys are doing a great job. Love to see you having fun with one another and enjoying each other’s company. One small critique I have is with audio. If you could place a boom mic out of frame I think your channel will greatly benefit in quality. You could even use a lav mic. Again great video

  17. Cliff notes: the relationship of quality protein & bcaa’s and taste are inverse. Bummer and the problem with vegan protein powders.

  18. My favorite protien is iron vegan chocolate. Definitely try it out, and I prefer soy milk with mine just because I hate the watery chocolate taste

  19. This is SO great. Thanks for taking the time to go through all of this! I cannot tell you the amount of hours I’ve spent trying to investigate all the things most people know nothing (aka couldn’t care less) about.
    ***Question for ya though:
    I know you guys don’t consider Stevia as an artificial sweetener. However, as someone who definitely has a sensitivity to it, I was wondering if you guys found any of the protein powders tested that did NOT have stevia in their ingredients?

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