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  1. I just order from Amazon two recipe books from you👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 they 👍🏻are coming tomorrow.

  2. This is the video which I was searching for thanks for the video. I can clearly Understand for Indian. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Normal chilli powder might be too spicy. Choose your local chilli powder that suits your spice preference and adjust the amount or mix with red sweet paprika powder.

  3. Hello!
    I wanted to try making it but I just can’ t find sweet rice flour anywhere. Can I achieve simmilar results if I substitute with wheat flour for example? Or maybe something else?
    Excuse possible mistakes, english is not my native language.

    1. Yes, cut into strips like the white radish and use right away. Mooli and kohlrabi are also suitable replacements.

  4. After I saw so many run BTS episodes as an ARMY I always wanted to try kimichi. Thanks to you . I will definitely try it….. 💜💜

  5. Hi Maangchi!!! Like you girl!
    I have lots of zucchini, I can make kimchi from zucchini instead of cucumber or Napa cabbage? Anybody tried it already?
    Thank you so much for any reply!!!

  6. Thank you so much 망치님!!! I’m from India, and in my city it isn’t easy to find shrimp paste or fish sauce, I will sure try this recipe out with my mother! Sending loads of love from India🙈❤️❤️

  7. Hello Maangchi, i thought about using a little bit of miso paste as a veggie alternative for the fermented Shrimps. What do you think about that? Love your videos, your personality always shines bright! ✨

  8. hi mangchi , I’m pure vegetarian but i love to watch all ur recipes only to see u and ur cleanliness while cooking ,i love ur voice too ,thanks for this recipe sure I’ll try this love u

  9. I want to try this recipe tomorrow, just I’ve a question- can we just use mushroom, cabbage, normal radish and roasted seaweed for vegetable stock? Since it’s easily available here
    Also can I use apples instead of sugar?

  10. We don’t have that kind of cabbage where I live in Malta. Can I use normal round cabbage or bok choi please? Thank you!

    1. My measuring cup 1 cup is 240 ML. One of my readers in Paris had a genius idea, which I want to tell everyone about. She bought some American measuring cups online, so now she can make anything!

  11. Dear Maangchi, I filled my kimchi box too full and forgot about it shouldn’t. I checked it like a week later and the box was under pressure and I couldn’t open it, my husband had to help me.
    My question is now: what could happen? Is the kimchi save or could it cause illness?

  12. You are so wonderful, thank you for sharing your recipes… Stay healthy and positive as you are 🤗

    1. @Daily Vibes XOXO I mean after the fermentation is it okay to keep storing it with room temp. She just mentioned after 2days in room temp. it must put on fridge

    2. @NYAN NEKO she said 2 days after fermentation, put it in the fridge to slow down the fermentation. I said it’s okay if you don’t have a fridge. It’s going to be sour as time goes by. You should consume it as a side all the time if you don’t like it that sour. Hope you understand now. 🙂

    3. @NYAN NEKO but me, I still like it even if it is sour. Mine’s on the fridge but still gets sour though. And it’s been there for weeks. Lol

    4. My first batch was 3 lbs. it was the best kimchi I ever ate. Everyone Loved it. The flavor got better over time. I just made a 9 lb batch. It took a long time. I hope it turns out good. I use a 1 gallon keg for fermenting. I purge the oxygen out with CO2 for anaerobic fermentation.

  13. Ok so you make the kimchi and then you just put it in jars? You need to fill up the jars completely so their is no air in it? When you open a jar of kimchi how much time do you have to eat it before it is bad? And a jar of kimchi that is still closed how long can you keep that?

  14. Thank you so much for the veg version, I am craving kimchi and making it is the only way. Will be back with an update 😀

  15. Thank you Maangchi that has to be te Easiest Vege yummy Kimchi. thats awesome Chef. Love all your Recipes. . Simple and Taste . Keep Safe stay Healthy ( Fan ) .

  16. You got my heart by vegetarian kimchi I always wach your videos but never tried I can’t find meat substitute but I will try this love from Karnataka south india ❤️❤️❤️

  17. This is my second batch with this recipe. First batch was 3 lbs. Today’s batch is 9 lbs because everyone wanted me to make them some. Everyone said this is the best kimchi they ever had, and I have kimchi aficionados as friends. I hope I didn’t mess it up.

  18. I saw another recipe and they didn’t use the salt proces you are doing with the cabbage, I want to eat it on the day itself and maybe the next few days after. Is it really necessary to use the salt step? Is that only for the fermentation?

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