52 thoughts on “Hearty Vegetarian Recipes Fit For A Holiday Party • Tasty

  1. I’d name the first dish “fart supreme” because I’m sure you’re gonna kill someone with your farts the night after eating this

  2. That vegetable gratin is not vegetarian its just a normal gratin with no meat lol, it has bacon bitts, cheddar, milk, shall I continue…

  3. Seeing a lot of comments about how bacon hits are vegetarian, but it’s called BACON bits. The vegetarian alternative I know are called SOY FLAKES. Sorry if we take it for it’s name.

    And why would they be called bacon bits if it’s not bacon? Is that the americanized household name?

  4. I was watching this video on my fire stick and saw they said “add bacon.” I immediately got on my phone and looked the video up on YouTube and came straight to the comment section. I already knew y’all was about to be on they ass😂 going in on the account about this bs

    1. It’s very easy to get vegetarian versions. Look for ‘Italian-style hard cheese’ or something like that at your local supermarket.

    1. Egg is vegetarian outside of India and Myanmar, including the US, where this video was made. Bacon bits are some weird thing Americans have that don’t actually have bacon in, they’re made from soybeans.

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