49 thoughts on “what i eat in a day as a vegetarian

  1. It makes no sense when a vegetarian buys a vegi burger bc you kinda lose the point there. If you support s local that does everything vegetarians stand against to by buying any product from them it‘s…just stupid

  2. you’re so responsible yet so young !! i strive to be like this, driving and ordering things for myself

  3. dude this helped so much im vegetarian and gluten free so cant wait to buy everything lol!

  4. I’ve been wanting to go vegetarian for a while now, bevause I heard it helps with weight loss and health benefits but I love fish! So yesterday I started going pescatarian (which means I don’t eat any meat, just fish) and I’m hoping I can continue! 🙂

  5. hello new sub!! love your vibe and your video style xx thanks for all the vegetarian recipe/food ideas am currently working towards a plant based diet and it really helps 🙂

  6. I’ve been vegetarian for years now and I don’t eat this healthy ; wow you’re doing a really good job. ☺️

  7. I like the fact that you can go through a drive thru, tell then what u want and u get it, in germany they rarely understand u and mix up the order or are unfriendly or take very long *cry*

  8. I am just wondering why would people be gluten free without a intolerance for that. I don’t mean to offend anyone, it’s because I’m brazilian and it’s not like that around here, we usually don’t see that is too bad for your health

  9. Why does she use dairy free milk vegetarians can eat things from animals like dairy and etc just not the animals themselves why didn’t she just use regular milk does she not know she is aloud to drink that

    1. i think she just does it for preference based on what i’ve heard her say in other vids + like in the middle of the vid she said her sis is gluten + dairy free so she just follows kinda what she does since ellie said they’re always together lol

  10. Hey 👋 I’m Hitomi🤗🍀I’m Japanese! And I am a vegetarian 🌱 too also I don’t eat sushi 🍣 even tho I am Japanese lol 😂 I love ❤️ your video so I pressed the subscribe button 😀🇯🇵 Thanks 😊 Have a lovely day ☀️🌷

  11. KANYE WEST called me DIET PRADA. I turned WOLF OF WALL ST to apples. Best ever FREE TOOLS & FOOD are on my website

  12. If it helps theirs plenty of mock meats you can make homemade or get premade. I wanted to go vegetarian myself but I eat mostly plant based at least two days a week.

  13. I started to eat meat and I got try of it so I went vegetarian some people try to get me to eat meat and I have to say no

  14. In school we were making lanune and one of my friends did not cooked the meat when I got home I throw up to Beef

  15. Id call this toxic but I’ve been vegetarian for around a month or two now and at school my friends always buy chicken burgers and keep trying to get me too eat and saying you can have a ‘cheat day’ even tho I’ve told them can you please stop they continue

  16. i’ve been thinking about going vegetarian… would you say you eat more meals per day to get the calories than when you ate meat?

  17. wow yall fancy cookers as vegan and vegetarians I just eat things with no meat,gelatin,rennit,eggs

  18. what i as a new vegetarian eat in a day in a house full of omnivores, and a busy work schedule. Pop corn.

  19. I start like 6 months ago but in the first 4 month I ate little things that had chicken like noodles and sausage other than plain chicken but I’m cutting that out I’m not really a strict vegetarian I still eat egg , milk etc…… And I still eat fish just not chicken or bacon and those stuff

    Also: Once my mom bought chicken and she tried to make me eat it and I took a little pinch of it and it tasted nasty because I haven’t eaten it for so long 🤭

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