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    1. Lemme tell you all about this video which relates to veganism.

      Fake enthusiasm
      Wrinkles at 26
      Tired eyes
      Collagen loss
      Vegans kill more animals in plant production
      Your body craves real food that’s why you need to replicate bacon and eggs and even milk
      Plus fake food will never be healthy for you and you need to eat animals and their products
      You can’t digest certain things like chia seeds because it comes back out in your poop
      The overreacting to eating simple food, trying to convince themselves and others that the food taste good
      “Protein powder” proof the vegan diet is deficient
      “Bloated before eating” because of fiber because it’s indigestible.

      I hope I helped open yours or someone else’s eyes to the real truths of veganism and how we need to eat animals.

      Also, if Ev@ deletes this comment she’s a very cruel person. Like, she’s honestly just a witch if she deletes this comment. I don’t mean to offend her but if she deleted this she’s a witch cuz it’s very cruel to be influencing young girls into this cult deficient diet and when someone wants to hel9 guide those young girls away from that they shut them up 😑 that’s cruel to me.

  3. when riley said i usully would ea a smoothie for lunch I was like could never be me where my dino nuggies at huh lol<3

  4. I am vegan
    I use daiya cheese
    I use protein powder in practically every thing
    we should be besties

  5. Eva, I hate to break it to you, but Planters Peanuts are not vegan because they coat them in a layer of gelatin. I know, sad day for me too.

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