50 thoughts on “Facing Death For A Living | India’s Vegan Mountaineer – Kuntal Joisher | The Ranveer Show 21

  1. In Hatu peak u feel a great positive energy there is something else energy in Hatu can’t define it just u feel it

  2. An upcoming mountaineer is watching this podcast and eagerly waiting for climb the Everest ❤️❤️

  3. Watching it during this lockdown when I’m into my upsc preparation & trust me it just boosted me up

  4. I don’t know how I missed watching this.
    Didn’t know this is what mountaineers go through….🧗‍♂️ kudos to all those brave souls.🙇‍♀️.. lots love to Ranveer🥰

  5. Respected friend , Once upon a time a great Sage ,So called Buddha of Hindustan Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi was meditating in a cave , suddenly Bharat Mata came and said I am very happy please express your wish.
    Modi : I am feared from the bad condition of India, what should I do?
    Bharat Mata : beta please arrange a climbing competition and Mr. Kuntal will climb the Mount Everest. And become a Best, loving and caring Prime Minister of this country. For me the person who can give the exact pleasure to himself is the best Prime Minister of India. What people think…. Please convey their wishes to PMO,New Delhi. And if kuntal will be PM. Please send me some money as due to lockdown my all money has been ended. This is my online begging request. Kindly help.

  6. The best , the most awe inspiring vlog I have watched till date . Simply outstanding, thank you Kuntal for your journey, your sharing speaks of the true innate spiritual nature that is so evolved and awakened. Divine Bless you with the best at every step of your life with your loved ones🙏🙏🕉 Immensely thankful to you Ranveer for covering such elating bigger Truths of Life with us. God Bless you and my best wishes to you ever. At 60 now and being a therapist myself this vlog carried within the strength of all emotions🙏🕉extremely grateful to you🙏🌿

  7. Ranveer is asking so many possible questions that I am feeling I am sitting in a live session and every time I think of a doubt this guy has already asked that question, such a great skill. Please keep it up

  8. I can listen to him whole day
    Please bring him back on any topic bro
    Its just so nice listening him…

  9. What a podcast , listening to every experience, every moment of Kuntal’s journey was heartfelt and just filled with OMG moments. 🙏🤗

  10. Once I was also a freak of climbing Everest
    The first climb was my last climb I never turned back to climb it again
    Not because of the height
    But definitely by those dead bodies which I saw that was creepy and the most horrible experience in my life I nearly saw 12-15 frozen unreached or un rescued dead bodies and every dead bodies there once was a highly motivated person in life
    Mere upar ka Everest bhoot utar Gaya I just wanted to return back to home alive
    Those still gives goosebumps

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your experience Kuntal… very very inspiring… And thank you Ranveer for this mind-blowing episode

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