57 thoughts on “The SECRET Recipe for PLANT BASED Burgers (That taste just like a burger)

    1. When you taste your plant-based food YOU created and it makes you dance…..it’s super good! I will be trying this recipe out! Thanks for the share.

    2. @Sauce Stache, is marmite necessary? Will veggie burger come out right if I don’t use marmite?

  1. We love how you cook: look smell texture taste awesome perfection thank you for the printout recipes . When is your giant cookbook available

  2. I just can’t wrap my head around plants being turned into beef! I just can’t understand it but I’m thinking about giving this a try! Lol!

  3. This is how the food becomes processed (food) 4:17
    I prefer a diet that enhances weight loss 6:50

  4. It’s there a way to make good tasting vegan cheese that doesn’t have the texture of grated plastic?

    1. Most people dont go vegan for health. Vegan is a LOT more than just not eating meat. In fact veganism has absolutely nothing to do with health.

  5. I was hoping you were also going to give us a recipe for the cheese sauce from that original video. Still–appreciate you posted the recipe ingredients/quantities.

  6. Too lazy to watch the video, but wondering about opinions of impossible meat (or impossible whatever… not sure what they actually call it and… you guessed it… too lazy to go look!) I’m not terribly concerned about the politics of meat, but was interested in trying “fake meat” so we tried Impossible and beyond beef. BB def tasted different. Not bad, just different. Impossible was close enough to hamburger that we decided to keep buying it when it’s on sale at the same price as hamburger. I actually prefer it in some ways – I generally smother my burgers with lettuce, onion, tomato (sometimes bacon and Swiss if I have them) and whatever condiments are available, so the meat taste is almost incidental to me anyway.

  7. I tried making this but my blender just couldn’t get it done, even with scraping it down and all that. The bottom inch of the mixture was mixed really well though. I ended up using a potato masher so mine were probably a bit more chunkier. I always test my burgers plain without all the fixin’s figuring if it tastes good that way then it should taste awesome with lettuce, tomato, onions, etc. and these had a nice hardy flavor. next time I’ll make smaller batches and see how the ol’ Oster tackles that.

  8. Looks delicious!! Lmao when people do happy dances while eating you know the heart is happy because the food is so delicious you can’t help but dance lol

  9. Oh wow!! Is it meaty? I’ve had dozens of good vegan burgers, but for me I like the meaty texture..

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  11. I couldn’t be bothered making this. Just grab a handful of mince and you’re done. I will give him a few bonus points for the little dance at the end, though.

  12. Have tried many bean based but they all all fall down when it comes down to what the burger feels like in your mouth. Even BK failed. The only one I can say comes close is Linda McCartneys 1/4 lb Vegetarian burger – its pretty damn close to the real thing in both look, taste and feel.

  13. Hey brother i hope all is well with you, thank you for showing us that juicy plant based burger 😊👍 I am a relatively younger guy 26 and considering becoming a vegetarian thank you for this video, much Love every one and shoutout to you again chef👍

  14. Nice looks great but you didn’t give us any measurements. and you were critical of the other guys burger you liked and said he didn’t give the measurements and you didn’t give us any either so you tell me how I am supposed to make it then

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