64 thoughts on “Easy + Yummy Tempeh Recipes (Vegan)

  1. All your recipes look delicious. I do have a question… when you were making the “tuna” salad, you mentioned putting the seaweed in to make it taste more “fishy”. How strong is the fish taste?

  2. There is also tempeh made of other beans then soy beans. So people with soy allergy can go for black bean tempeh or lupine tempeh for example

  3. I love all the recipes, 😊 But could you go slower when you are speaking for the non English speakers. Thank you 😊💕

  4. I never thought to use for tuna salad. I don’t like fishy taste so I might try a chicken salad recipe instead! Loved the idea!

  5. Someday, you can try recipes of Indonesia for tempeh. They are all almost suitable for vegans and delicious too.
    Greeting from Indonesia.

  6. I like Tempeh, it’s one of the traditional vegan cuisine from Indonesia, and we invented many vegan products too

    👍I like your videos much love ❤️ from Indonesia

  7. Wow…That was amazing, especially the pot roast! Thanks. I’ve never made tempeh, and was just looking around and found this video. 🙂

  8. If you want to eat healthier and tastier tempeh, use tempe that is fresh and wrapped in banana or cocoa leaves.

    1. Disana tempe yg dijual di mall2 kebanyakan udh rotten … yg cocok buat mendoan …

      Beda sama fresh tempeh, yg mereka biasanya bikin sendiri ato beli di toko khusus jualan tempe ..

      Makanya di negara lain, jarang banget ada tempe yg fresh …

  9. I love Indonesia mendoan tempe, marinated fried tempe (indonesian style), coconut broth tempe with chayote

  10. I can’t get rid of the bitterness of the tempeh. Any tips? Or it is supposed to be bitter?

  11. An alternative to broth, may try Japanese bonito soup. You can even make it yourself. Easy uf you got the ingredients. :))

  12. Imdonesian here To all Vegans: Please NEVER cook tempeh like how you cook a beef…. it will tastes disgusting!
    you should cook it like how you cook potato or chicken

  13. Thank you so much. I recently started a plant-based diet and bought tempeh as I heard it was a good source of protein. But the first dish I made it tasted really bad. I was pretty discouraged but now I am excited about making these delicious recipes you have shared. Awesome!

    1. No lol,in the body there are enzymes that can destroy / soften food .. so organic food that has not been chewed properly will not grow in the body

  14. BBQ, tuna, and pot roast. Why go vegan if you still like the taste of dead animals in your mouth? Just sayin’. All those did look delicious though.

    1. lol vegans don’t hate the taste of meat, they just don’t value their taste buds above the life of another living being. Its called not having a superiority complex 🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. @Cat Leigh The point was if you value the life of another living being, then enjoying the taste of their cooked flesh while remaining plant-based is a bit hypocritical. The epitome of a superiority complex (to other humans), IMO.

      Killing animals meant for food is not unethical; any mistreatment while alive is.

  15. I love tempe very much, turmeric fried tempe(tempe goreng kunyit) never dissapoint me EVERRR!!! 😌😌I EAT IT JUST LIKE A CHIP…. HUARRGGGHHHH, very delicious 😋😋

  16. Tempeh Pot Roast?!?!?!?!? Before I switched to plant based, pot roast was one of my favorite things! This recipe looks great and I can’t wait to try it!

  17. I am trying this recipe for Monday. It’s my first time trying tempeh and I used to love pot roast. So, I am excited 👍🏼 I will come back with my comments afterwards

    1. I couldn’t wait and I made it today. The sauce and veggies on the pot roast were amazing. The tempeh was ok but not bad for my first try 👍🏼 I will try to sear it better next time. This will definitely be on the recipe rotation 🤩

  18. Here because I’m curious how foreigner eat tempe.
    I’ve never imagined tempe would be cooked that way, it blows my mind

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