1. We didn’t add many veg to this just to keep it simple. What veg will you add to make this recipe your own? 😄😄

    1. I’d maybe toss in some spinach. Honestly, it looks great as is! Definitely making this for dinner on Sunday. Thanks!

  2. Love this recipe! Definitely a new favourite. Added some chilli flakes, a dash of tamari sauce and some nutritional yeast as well but to give it some more flavour.

  3. I watched this video at 11am. Made it for dinner at 6pm. Heading back to the store for more cashews at 7pm to make more for tomorrows dinner.

  4. Thank you for recipes that are healthy. I just looked at “authentic” Italian sauces with a block of salt and a half cup of olive oil…I love food but I like staying healthy above all . Im inspired by your recipes, personalities and creativity! Bon Apetit !

  5. I tried this today according to recipe and even roasted my own peppers but for some reason I could only taste the oat milk, cashews and garlic. No red pepper flavour until I added double the amount plus like a heaped tbsp of paprika powder. Kind of disappointing 🙁 I usually love your recipes though!

  6. Didn’t enjoy this as much. Thought it was a bit bland and almost sweetish. Husband and son loved it. Have been trying other 5 minutes recipes. Loved the winter kale pasta. Omg so good. And the 5 minutes chilli… To die for.

  7. This looks like delightful comfort food. I achieve something similar. I use sauteed veggies, no oil, adding a splash of white wine. When the veggies are ready, I add some of my oil-free hummus and some previously cooked soba noodles. It varies as do the veg and which hummus I have made but is delicious. I sometimes top it off with a bit of nutritional yeast. Bon appetit.

  8. I read the title and was incredibly excited to try this. Then I watched it and the first ingredient was nuts. Im allergic to nuts and now Im sad I cant try it 🙁

  9. Thank you, I been searching where to find good vegan recipes. Ill look no further delighted and super helpful how it’s made 😊🙋🏻‍♀️😊

  10. I made this for my family it was delicous, I left the sauce a little chunky and it was delicous, I added fresh garlic and ginger to the sauce and chickpeas and spinach with the final product it was great no leftovers 🙂

  11. I see a lot of sauces made with cashews, what would be a good substitute if you are allergic to cashews.

    1. Tahini is a sesame seed paste but it might change the flavour if you use too much. The cashews mainly add fat to the sauce so you could use a little bit more oil and some more veg to keep it thick. Hope it works for you Jaria! ❤️😀

  12. Just made this recipe n loooove! 😭❤ so easy n quick it was n end result is awesomeeee. It reallly is super creamy textured

  13. The final result looks nice but the after knowing how it was made…. no thanks. Im not having oatmeal milk with my pasta….

  14. This sauce was so good! I used soy milk instead of oat and added a handful of sun dried tomatoes (no oil) to the blender. I used mushrooms and zucchini for my veggies in the pasta.

  15. This looks so good, I have an allergy to tomato and I can’t have to much oil rn because I found that somehow it was causing me to break out in eczema O.o def gonna try this

  16. My husband and I tried this tonight and we loved it. I know my husband likes something if he says he’d have it again. Next time, I will add a Serrano pepper to give it a little heat, but it is perfect as is.

  17. Made this sauce for lunch for my hubby who isn’t vegan and he loved it. A new regular recipe for us. ♥️

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